Water From the Source

09.21.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Chris Sanborn is the leading visionary for Alive Water — our absolutely preferred and most loved spring water delivery system. Finding Alive Water helped us realize the importance in sourcing high-quality water. Many of us feel that buying spring water from the store or using a filtered jug is providing the cleanest type of water for our bodies. However, as we learned in today’s episode with Chris — unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Chris explained to us that clean spring water is actually as the name of his company suggests — alive — and provides essential nutrients for our wellbeing. Alive Water sources directly from the most pristine springs and uses glass bottles to keep those nutrients intact. This is unlike many other companies that package their water in single use bottles. Due to the fact that this method needs a longer shelf life, the water is also sterilized and although it may strip it off many toxins, it also strips it off nature’s potent healing properties.

Chris also shares a lot of info on his Find A Spring Foundation that helps all of us find clean springs in our local areas. We also touch on the difference between well water and spring water, the efficacy of shower filters, the importance of testing your water, in-home filters, and Chris’s journey and love for sharing spring water with the world. It’s an educational episode that’ll leave you armed with a ton of practical steps you can use to help hydrate your body and your home in the healthiest way possible!

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