There’s a real home empowerment feel (yes, we’re making that a term) to this month’s THE FULLEST Faves. We’re talking about becoming your family’s personal pharmacist through homeopathic remedies, ozone therapy, and fever suppressant alternatives. Our editor-in-chief also nods to her Persian childhood home life sharing detoxifying sumac candles and her favorite new spice brand, Evermill. Check out her round up below!

Ozone Therapy

The fact that it took me this long to finally try an ozone machine is crazy! Right before I had my daughter Grace, my son got really sick and I needed him to get better immediately. I took him to try ozone therapy for his nose and ears because I was nervous he was coming down with some sort of pneumonia. Within two treatments, I saw a huge difference! As a precaution, we did one extra session to get rid of his cough completely. Ozone therapy works to eliminate any bacteria or virus in the body and therefore supports the body’s ability to find homeostasis. Its efficacy is amazing and it will most certainly be my first line of defense next time anyone in the family feels an illness coming on.


Growing up in a Persian household, spices were a huge part of our kitchen. Now, as the founder of a wellness brand and botanical herbs line, they continue to be a major part of my life. Other big loves of mine are design and aesthetics. There’s just something about beauty that also feels good for the soul. All of this is to say that discovering Evermill has been an absolute game changer. These spice racks are stunning, convenient, and hold every essential spice needed for your menu repertoire. Their racks also make it super easy to grab what you need as you’re cooking. Over the years, I’ve discovered that sometimes it can feel like gorgeous design and packaging means you’ve got to trade off for quality ingredients. However, as a spice geek, I can honestly say that these spices are also amazing. All of Evermill’s spices are organically grown and free of synthetics, growth regulators, and pesticides. I’m using their countertop rack because I love its look on my benchtop but they also offer an in-drawer version.

Check them out and get $20 off your first Evermill spice rack purchase with the code FULLEST20 (good through 10/10) + check out our current giveaway for the chance to win an Evermill spice rack! 

Alex Crane

I love this line of men’s clothing because I am a huge advocate for purchasing ethically made, sustainable clothing that also uses only all natural textiles. Sustainable brands will often use a lot of plastic-based textiles, which are considered sustainable because they are recycled. However, I am interested in the health and environmental benefits of not having any micro-plastics on or around our bodies or anywhere near our oceans, which is where they end up everytime we wash our clothes! Anyways, back to Alex Crane — finding elevated clothing for men that also fits this criteria is ridiculously difficult so when my husband and I came across the Alex Crane brand, we were incredibly impressed. It’s the perfect gift for anyone in your life, and they recently launched a kids’ line so your little ones can enjoy the laid back Alex Crane aesthetic as well.

For 15% off your Alex Crane order, use code THEFULLEST at checkout.

Sumac Candles

Sumac is a staple in Iranian cooking and comes with a host of benefits. Recently, I learned about sumac candles that are handmade in Japan and I fell in love with the process of burning such a sustainable candle. Sumac health benefits include: decreased cholesterol, lowered blood sugar, and pain relief.

Agnes Baddoo

The day I locked eyes with my first Agnes Baddoo bag was the day I realized I will never need another designer bag again. Her bags are handmade in Los Angeles from the highest-quality leather, not to mention she is such an incredible, informed woman. I love Agnes so much and her bags elevate any outfit — I love them all so much!

Refraining from Fever Reducers like Tylenol, Motrin, or Ibuprofen

Fevers have been known to be a byproduct of our body working through some sort of infection, illness, or imbalance. When we suppress our body’s ability to heal itself through this mechanism, we are suppressing our ability to naturally fight off the many cancer cells and detrimental toxins that we encounter on a daily basis. I highly encourage everyone to practice staying as far away from these fever suppressing drugs, as studies have found that allowing ourselves to have fevers supports our long term health! Unless there is a concern for febrile seizure, I hope you will refrain from using them in your own home, and try a new approach!


For many years, I’ve been a huge fan of homeopathy and have noticed how well my family responds to this form of medicine. There are so many nights — whether we are at home or on vacation — where I’ve found myself feeling empowered to support my child or my husband with a homeopathic remedy. The fact that it’s all energy medicine makes me feel really safe to play around with it. In my opinion, everyone should look into homeopathy and keep a stash of the basics to help support anything random that comes up like indigestion, food sensitivity/sickness, and sudden coughing spells.

Nikki Bostwick is the founder and editor in chief of THE FULLEST and host of THE FULLEST Podcast. She has always been passionate about providing wellness content that offers a perspective outside the mainstream narrative — one that is holistic, diverse, and inclusive. Since launching, Nikki has grown THE FULLEST to include a daily digital platform, a weekly podcast, a botanical product line, and a wholesale business alongside her amazing team. She is also a mom of two, nestled in Newport Beach with her high school sweetheart and their Siberian Husky.

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