Women’s Health Isn’t Just Science, It’s Sacred

08.31.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Today, we are thrilled to welcome Usha Anandi to the podcast. Usha is the founder and creative director of Womben Wellness. Usha’s work is dedicated to revolutionizing the way modern healthcare serves the sacred and ancient within each woman.

However, as you’ll learn, Usha’s work goes far deeper than tracking our moon cycles. For example, did you realize that your relationship to your finances is related to your relationship with your womb? Or that your maternal ancestors’ concepts of money are literally wired into your DNA?

From finances to the contraceptive pill, to a lack of maternity leave, essentially, anything that is born of a patriarchal system may be preventing you from connecting with your internal wisdom. Usha explains the root of these often fear-based narratives and their impacts on women, mothers, activists, and innovators.

Refreshingly, Usha backs a lot of her teachings in science and hours of studies with embodied masters from Costa Rica to Mexico. She is eloquent, intelligent, fierce, and nourishing. She doesn’t speak in New Age language or promote superficial spiritual healing but rather advocates for every modern woman to delineate from patterns that have been inherited rather than intuited.

It’s a powerful episode for anyone desiring to become more sovereign, clear, and strong.

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