The Unspoken Fertility Conversation

08.10.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Dr. Leah is a functional medicine doctor who specializes in root-cause women’s hormonal health, low libido, preconception, and fertility care. Today, she joins us to refreshingly share her own fertility journey and that of the many women she helps through her naturopathic practice, Tribe Medicine.

After navigating infertility with her husband for almost seven years, Dr. Leah is now a mama-to-be. As you can imagine, this longer path to motherhood wasn’t always easy, however it was one full direct experience, insight, and personal research. These experiences along with her science-based natural medicine doctorate has set her up to be an invaluable resource for those facing all sorts of hormonal issues.

We dive deep into the conventional medical system’s primary solution to hormonal problems — the pill. Dr. Leah explains that it often does a disservice to many (but not all) women. There are many natural alternatives that can act as a contraception, regulate hormones, and treat PCOS that do not have some of the side effects of the standard pill. However, often women are not given this information and cannot make a truly informed decision about their sexual health.

In this episode, we also discuss nutrition and fertility, female libido, and porn’s impact on male (and female) sex drives. It’s a conversation that isn’t afraid to touch some of the more taboo topics. However, it is also a conversation that deeply acknowledges that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to our bodies, and especially our hormonal bodies. Instead, true sovereignty comes in knowing our options and making our own empowered choices.

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