• August 1: Sun Conjunct Mercury in Leo
  • August 2: Sun Opposite Saturn
  • August 3: Mercury Square Uranus
  • August 6: Sun Square Uranus
  • August 8: New Moon in Leo
  • August 9: Venus Opposite Neptune
  • August 11: Mercury Ingresses into Virgo
  • August 15: First Quarter Moon in Scorpio
  • August 16: Venus Enters Libra
  • August 19: Sun Opposite Jupiter + Uranus Retrograde
  • August 22: Full Moon in Aquarius + Sun Ingresses Into Virgo
  • August 30th: Mercury Enters Libra and Last Quarter Moon in Gemini

August began with a creative moment, when the Sun and Mercury, planet of thought and communication, met up in Leo on the 1st. Leo Season has a tendency to bring out our desire to shine, to glam ourselves up a bit, to strut our stuff. Pride is possible here as well. Mercury in Leo tends to dominate the conversation, often for the purpose of entertaining or putting on a show. That being said, opinions are strong here, as is the art of persuasion. On the 2nd, Saturn opposed the Sun, activating the ongoing Saturn-Uranus Square. As a result, a clash of wills within the collective is likely to rise throughout the first week of August, as Mercury joins this party and the Sun exacts its square on the 6th.

On the 8th, we have the Lion’s Gate and The New Moon in Leo. This potent lunation is sandwiched (two weeks on either side) by back to back Full Moons in Aquarius, offering us a magnificent opportunity to reset our intentions of the heart as we take in the greater picture.

New Moons are for planting seeds. What we begin to sow now bears fruit in six months’ time, with the Full Moon in Leo.

Venus in Virgo is opposing mystical Neptune; our desires are purified as we tap into the ethereal. This isn’t about blind hope. It’s about embodiment, tuning into the divine. We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are. Our perceptual filter is dependent upon our willingness to see through the layers of illusion, to recognize the limits of our ego. Leo can be egotistical, for sure, but so can every sign on the wheel.

We all have ego — it’s what we do with it, how we manifest it into the world. Leo is known for its will and courage. Pettiness will get us nowhere, love and radical acceptance everywhere. Which wolf are we feeding?

On the 11th, Mercury moves into its home sign of Virgo and our discernment sharpens and so may our judgement. These two are not the same. One seeks clarity, the other separation. Venus entering Libra on the 16th can increase both our desire to get along, and our aesthetic appreciation. On the 19th, the Sun in Leo opposes Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus Stations Retrograde, which may present some unique opportunities. Jupiter has a way of inflating circumstances. Uranus, especially during a Station, can jolt. Liberation, or a perceptual shift, are possible.

Three days later, we have the Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct expansive, optimistic, faith-based Jupiter at the last degree before the Sun transits into Virgo. We’re up against Aquarius’ shadow here, the group think, the rigidity, tribalism and ideology. Everything is bigger. What are we ready to release in order to align with our principles and vision? What does it mean to be free? From here, the first week of Virgo Season is relatively quiet. Relative being the operative word, in our current reality. Virgo asks that we organize, that we separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, and pare things down to the essentials. It’s known for its refinement, keen observational skills, detail-orientation, and service mindset. This last week of August is one of integration, returning to the wellbeing and care for the body, grounding. Simple pleasures delight us now, bringing our focus to the tasks at hand, the beauty of ritual and devotion. We close out the month with Mercury, planet of thought and communication, joining Venus in other-focused Libra and bringing the hermit-like Virgo a bit more out of its shell to socialize and interact.

Danielle Beinstein is a psychological and intuitive astrologer based between New York, Los Angeles, and New Zealand. She currently offers one-on-one sessions as well as her monthly online membership and courses program, The Cosmic Compass. You can find more on both offerings at daniellebeinstein.com, and for more regular astrological musings, make sure to follow her on Instagram.

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