Our Monfefo x Strands of Sunshine™ Infusion Recipe

08.30.2021 Recipes
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Richard Feynmann said, “Nature has a great simplicity, and therefore a great beauty.” Yes, we are launching into this recipe with a casual quote from a theoretical physicist because, well, it just captures the essence of this infusion. Firstly, this recipe simply requires two of nature’s most powerful healing properties — saffron and turmeric — and secondly, its sunshine-colored hue is a beauty to behold (and to imbibe).

In case you’re new to the saffron game, saffron has been clinically proven to boost mood, clear complexion, reduce cravings, and balance emotional well-being. Most of you are probably well versed in turmeric’s benefits but just in case, here’s a quick refresher: turmeric is wellness-famous for fighting inflammation, its high amounts of antioxidants, and benefits to brain health.

This infusion recipe is easily the easiest way to boost your immunity. It’s also perfect for the end of summer and fall seasons as it’s a refreshingly cool alternative. Read: it’s a great tonic to support the body without having to opt for a hot tea.



  1. Drop 15 strands of saffron (or more) into a quart mason jar
  2. Add in Monfefo’s Turmeric Shot
  3. Toss in some ice cubes and fill the jar with water
  4. Put a lid on it and set in the fridge overnight (or minimum of six hours)
  5. Strain out the saffron or drink as is


With an eternal curiosity for our planet and natural remedies, Monfefo was founded with the mission of making a high-quality drink with a purpose and delivering it in a conscious and sustainable way. Their beverages are made in small batches in their Brooklyn factory with the highest-quality organic produce on the market, prioritizing quality, potency, and sustainability. From the root to the bottle, their shots are handcrafted to nourish and elevate the mind, body, and spirit. Follow them on the ‘gram for high vibrations and be sure to check them out at your local Whole Foods!

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