Holly Owens on Bee Venom Therapy and Lyme Disease

08.03.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Today, we welcome Holly Owens to the pod. You may know Holly from Wellthy Belly, a wellness Instagram account that has amassed a significant following due to Holly’s innate ability to share her experience and knowledge in a way that is relatable and authentic.

Holly has had plenty of direct experience with health challenges. After realizing that her body was struggling and that there was something “wrong,” she turned to all manner of doctors from functional, to naturopaths, to gastrologists to help her identify the root issue. Eventually, an integrative doctor diagnosed her with Lyme Disease. After considering multiple treatment paths, she opted for Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) and for the next two years, began to sting herself with bees to help heal herself.

BVT is a treatment that simultaneously flies under the radar but, as Holly explains, is also surprisingly accessible all over the globe. It’s also not relegated to only healing Lyme Disease as there are a number of conditions such as arthritis, MS, and Parkinson’s that are also aided by Bee Venom Therapy.

Holly and Nikki also chat about the side effects of choosing a non-traditional healing path and strategies to help you navigate conversations with family and friends. They also chat about the commitment and sacrifice that comes with healing paths that require more of a slow build approach over a quick fix.

If you’re embarking on any sort of non-traditional healing path, are interested in BVT, or wish to share your own healing story on social media — this one’s definitely for you!

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