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08.06.2021 Arts & Culture
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As a tireless advocate for the environment and food equity for all, Kelly Meyer had the dream to create her own sustainable farm for decades — and now that is a reality. OneSun Farms is nestled in the hills of Malibu and houses both her family home and grows all the ingredients for her granola company. Between the almond trees, sunflower seeds, and honey from the bees, Kelly has witnessed the beautiful process of growing your own food — and the amount of hard work. However, it’s a labor of love that continues to be its own reward. Therefore, it was an honor to invite Kelly to share her space that connects home with land in a way that is authentic, beautiful, and lived.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your home and farm?

OneSun Farm sits on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We spent the first year rebuilding the soil of this beautiful, reclaimed farmland by planting a cover crop of clover. At the same time, we began to make our house a home from the inside out. Our guiding principles were simplicity and comfort.

How have you cultivated this space?

The word ‘cultivate’ is very apropos as we truly did enrich the land in order to create healthy, nutrient-dense soil. In addition to planting Boron Clover, we also brought in very special compost from One Gun Ranch. Following the agricultural practices laid out by Rudolf Steiner and his disciples, we harvest and plant at certain times of the lunar cycle. Lovingly guided by our friend and farmer, Jack McAndrew, we also amend the soil with biodynamic compounds from the Josephine Porter Institute. It is wonderful to walk the farm in bare feet with my girlfriends and to sprinkle spring water filled with healthy microbiomes across the field. There is a true method to the madness of compost starter and building healthy soil. You can taste the love and intention in the veggies that come from our field. The feeling that comes with the food you grow really helps one understand the connection between our earth and our heart.

What are some of your most treasured rooms or areas?

The kitchen, of course, is the gathering place. It’s here where my son and my daughter’s boyfriend love to cook up meals from whatever is growing on the farm. I also love to have fresh wildflowers and bowls of fruit on the counter. The colors seem to change with the seasons. It makes me happy to see the things we’ve grown being used to feed and bring our family and friends together.

I also love the library where all the books, stories, and movies are screened. It is home to my desk for taking care of “grown up” stuff.

What role does the land play in your concept of home?

The land plays the starring role in my concept of home as it directs our lifestyle and intention every day. Whether it’s doing yoga outside, tending to the fields, or simply enjoying the beauty of open land, sunrises, and sunsets, the land surrounding our home provides true sustenance for the heart and soul.

Do you think our external environments affect our inner world?

There is no question in my mind that the external environment impacts the health of our interior world. No matter where you are, it is important to develop an inner world. But for me, if I can be outside in nature, it is much easier to be peaceful and happy inside myself.

What has been one change that you’ve made in your home that has impacted your physical, mental, or spiritual health?

Building an outdoor space with a sauna, an ice tub, and outdoor shower has transformed and informed my physical, mental, and spiritual life. Sauna/icing is a practice that I learned from my friends, Gabby Reece and Laird Hamilton. Sweating out toxins while sharing ideas and conversation before dunking in the ice tub allows me to clarify my mind and body, connect deeply with friends, and reduce inflammation.

What is the one piece of advice you’d give someone looking to bring more of the outside into their homes?

Open the windows! Fresh air is crucial and a wonderful way to start connecting to the outdoors. Breath is everything.

Kelly Meyer, environmental activist and health advocate, is a trustee of the NRDC and co-founder of The American Heart Association Teaching Gardens. Kelly co-founded the Teaching Gardens program as a way to combat the rise of childhood obesity and lifestyle-related illnesses. Her latest endeavor is OneSun Farms, the newly established farm and granola business created to help grow the story and desire for real food. You can find OneSun Farms here or follow on the ’gram here.

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