Breaking Free of Oppressive Beauty Culture

08.24.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Lauren Geertsen joins us today for an episode that is packed full of serious truths but delivered with compassion and understanding. After her own experience with both disordered eating and a disordered allopathic medical system, Lauren began her own healing journey. Curing her apparently “incurable” autoimmune disease with nutrition and lifestyle changes set Lauren on a path of nutrition training. She quickly realized that our bodies have an innate intelligence that leads us towards wellness and joy. Through her program Food Without Fear, her one-on-one consultations, and her recently released book The Invisible Corset, Lauren has helped thousands of women tune into their body’s transformative wisdom.

If you’ve ever felt disconnected from your own intuition, experienced confusion about the “correct” way to nourish yourself, have outsourced your own authority to food rules, or sought control and perfection from food — this is an absolute must-listen. Lauren explains, our body issues are rarely about food and usually signal an underlying spiritual, emotional, or mental imbalance. As she says so powerfully, “If you are not telling the truth in your life, your body will — or your eating habits — will tell it for you.”

Many of these same subconscious patterns we apply to our relationship with food can be mirrored in our relationship with others, our careers, governments, and authority figures. Using COVID as an example, Lauren and Nikki unpack the power of tuning into yourself and finding the courage to stand for your own beliefs. On this often heated topic, Lauren reminds us that we can break free from anger and victimization by responding with “unbothered but fully confident choices that come from our intuition.”

Other topics they touch on are flower essences, tools for highly sensitive people, plant wisdom, and so much more. There’s a takeaway for everyone in this episode! 

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