The Blood of the Green Dragon Ice Cream (BGD) is a medicinal superfood ice cream. When it comes to health and nutrition, the BGD ice cream surpasses the smoothie, is more fun to make, and more fun to consume. It is all vegan, high in protein, earthy, filling, and tasty. It is smooth, cooling, anti-inflammatory, and gives a real mental/mood boost that lasts, due to the vegan DHA oil.

Flavor-wise, there is an earthy throwback to Orange Julius, a famous orange-vanilla juice that was served in most American shopping malls in the 1980s. The BGD orange flavor comes from the vegan DHA omega-3 oil, while the vanilla comes from whole chopped vanilla bean and vanilla-flavored Sun Warrior protein. It’s also naturally sweetened with high-mineral coconut sugar, topping out at 18 grams of sugar for a large single serving or only 9 grams each for two servings.

Dragon Blood — the ice cream’s namesake — is Peruvian tree sap. One of its benefits is its anti-inflammatory nature that helps lower the risk of bugs like candida. Unlike cheap typical processed food, this ice cream helps protect your gum health and teeth. The Dragon Blood is miraculous for dental and oral health (Google the science for yourself).

This ice cream is for people who are serious about their health, and who respect plant medicine, and want to enjoy feeling the natural high of whole-food alchemy.

This ice cream uses whole foods, medicine, and modern nutriceuticals. You will feel good for hours after eating this only improving your long term health goals, instead of crashing and binging on cartons of store-bought matrix-sugar cartel ice cream.



Add all ingredients to the Vitamix. Put the cover on the Vitamix pitcher firmly, so it snaps on both sides. Turn the blender on maximum, use hand-held tamper vigorously to crush down ice and ingredients strongly with one hand, while holding the top of the Vitamix with the other hand. One hand on top of the blender lid pushing down firmly will stabilize the blender pitcher, so it does not tilt and strip gears making awful noise. Your tamper hand will continue to vigorously crush ingredients up and down into the blender blades. The tamper is the round black plastic stick with a handle that comes with the Vitamix blender, for this purpose. As you pump the tamper up and down mixing the ice cream, try to tilt the tamper slightly so you get the corners of the blender. It will take almost a minute of strong tamper mixing to make the ice cream.

Half way through a large clump of ingredients may stick to the end of the tamper. If so, turn off the blender for a few seconds, and dislodge the clump to drop back into the bottom of the blender. Then turn the blender back on high and resume tampering. As the ice cream gets smoother and closer to finished, increase the speed of tampering. The sound of the blender motor should drop in tone as the motor is working harder now that the ingredients are fully smooth and thick.

Soon after the blender drops in tone, it is ready and you can stop tampering. You will feel, with practice, when it is the perfect time to stop. If you blend too long, the ingredients will lose coldness and get too liquidy but this recipe is forgiving. Once it is ready, take the lid off of the blender. You can turn the pitcher upside down and shake the blender and the ice cream will not come out. It is thick, which is what you want. Use a rubber or silicone spatula to scoop the ice cream out into one or two serving bowls. Enjoy before it melts. This recipe takes much longer to melt than other Vitamix made ice creams.

Truth Calkins was raised healthy by alternative parents, then years after leaving his healthy upbringing behind, he developed candidiasis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Not satisfied with allopathic treatments, Truth dove back into alternative health. His desire and complete commitment to heal himself over several years resulted in the creation of his program, which changed his life. Truth became a Chinese tonic herbalist before opening and running the tonic bar inside of Erewhon Natural Foods in Los Angeles, where he was discovered by David Wolfe. Since then he has done podcasts, lectures, and tonic bars for the Longevity Now Conferences. Truth specializes in overcoming health challenges, rejuvenation, peak performance, longevity, and offers private consultations and submersion programs at his JingCave.

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