Balancing the Emotional, Mental, and Etheric Bodies

08.17.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Today, we welcome Raj Agni to THE FULLEST podcast. As you’ll hear, Raj is a man of many talents spanning energy healing, the arts, and herbalism. Today, we dive deep into the subject of our different physical and energetic bodies and the ways they can be tuned for deeper alignment.

In particular, Raj explains the role of trauma on our complex systems. One side effect of trauma Raj gave was that some of us can become psychologically stuck at the age of a traumatic experience, rather than mentally and emotionally develop at the natural pace of our chronological age. For example, if you had a traumatic experience at age 12, you may still resort to childish behavior in times of stress even though you have physically matured into a person in your thirties. This can be very common and one way it can be resolved is through energy clearing.

Nikki and Raj also discuss the impact of inflammation on the physical system, the power of certain phytoceuticals to decelerate aging, reincarnation, and energy attachment. These subject matters may be potentially more “out there’’ for some listeners but listening to Raj’s calm, clear, and gentle explanations of these more metaphysical concepts is an eye and heart opening experience. 

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