Back to School Flower Remedies for Kids

08.23.2021 Home & Motherhood
Alexis Smart
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Can you believe we are now in the seventh seasonal change since all of this new life has started? As kids return to school, there can be fears, uncertainty, and confusion as to how to navigate this new world. For those of you with kids returning to school, there must be an added stress of how to best protect them without making them feel your worry.

Flower remedies are so great for kids because they will never cause harm. They are safe, gentle and natural, and made from the wildflowers of the English countryside. They work by helping kids to adapt to stress by strengthening them internally, rather than imposing something that forces a change on them from the outside.

My young clients also love to have something that is just for them and always ask for their special bottle of sweet flower drops.

Back to school is very different for many of us this fall. Whether your kids are returning to a big school with other kids, staying at home for Zoom class, or doing home school with a few other families, flower remedies will be a great support to help them adjust to the change.

Here are my favorites for back to school, however that looks for your family.

First Aid Kit

These times have made us all a bit fragile. My number one formula for going through rapid changes unscathed is the First Aid Kit. This is the universal remedy for neutralizing shock, trauma, and grief. It is a great comfort in times of distress and helps your little one to stay grounded.

This will help lighten up any heaviness related to the ongoing inability to socialize freely, hug people, or even from picking up on stress we may be feeling. If you only get one, get this one. The whole family can use the First Aid For Kids. It’s the same formula as the regular, just alcohol free.

Kids SmartyPlants

This learning and confidence formula is most popular in September for back to school. It helps to switch gears into cerebral mode, helping to remember and assimilate information. It encourages calm focus when there are too many distractions. There are some lovely confidence boosting flowers as well for kids who may doubt their abilities.

Zoom class can bring its own focus issues. If your kids are used to a big classroom with an engaging teacher and other students, now having to put attention on a 12-inch screen can cause some mental weariness. SmartyPlants will help them stay focused and help keep the learning fun. (Useful for any age. This would be a great benefit to college students or anyone who glazes over during Zoom meetings.)

Kids Magic Shield

This is the best formula if your kids have expressed anxiety or fear about anything, have nightmares, or separation anxiety. Even with Zoom school, there might be some self consciousness or stage fright and shyness. This formula will give them a boost of courage and keep them calm.

Magic Shield will help them feel excited about things they may have been avoiding out of fear. It’s also good for kids who may just be extra sensitive or overwhelmed. It won’t take that lovely quality away, but will just give them a little buffer.

Parents, please take good care of yourselves too. Take breaks, ask for help, do some self care and give yourself credit for doing one of the most important jobs in life.

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Alexis founded her practice in 2004 out of a desire to help people reconnect to happiness and peace of mind. For over 15 years, she has worked with mentors in the direct lineage of Dr. Bach. She is also a practicing homeopath, continuing her post-graduate studies in Greece with world-renowned homeopath George Vithoulkas. Read her routines and rituals here, shop her custom remedies, book a consultation at, or follow her story on Instagram.

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