Ways to Have a More Natural Fertility Journey Even if Using IVF

07.07.2021 Life
Dr. Alexandra Cope
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Facing infertility issues is a challenging experience for any couple struggling to conceive. After lengthy periods of trying, it can often feel as though IVF is the last hope. It is reassuring to note that there are countless methods to boost your fertility, naturally. A natural approach to fertility can be used instead of IVF — or in tandem with IVF, if IVF is required.

What Is A Natural Fertility Treatment Plan?

A Natural Fertility Treatment Plan uses both science and holistic practices to amplify conception chances. Scientifically, labs are completed to consider thyroid assessment, sex hormones, toxic burden, and adrenal health for optimal levels — as opposed to conventional medicine that only aims for “normal range” readings. Based on these results, a prescription of food, supplements, and holistic lifestyle changes are recommended. For example, this could include consciously preparing the baby room, removing hidden toxins from the home that contribute to infertility, understanding and timing conception based on ovulation, and nutritional supplements such as COQ10 and customized herbs.

Traditional IVF Versus IVF Supported wIth Natural Fertility Treatment

If you are going the IVF path, there is one major difference between conventional IVF and an IVF plan supported with a natural treatment plan. In conventional IVF, women take pharmaceutical medications to stimulate egg production for a retrieval. However, a Natural Fertility Treatment plan uses natural medicine — nutrition, herbs, and supplementation — to provide a gentler approach to egg stimulation.

What does that mean? Using a Natural Fertility Treatment, you can experience fewer injections and side effects. Natural fertility boosting methods are also far less costly than conventional IVF and fertility treatments. If IVF is necessary or preferred, natural fertility boosting methods can also give you a greater safety net by supporting your body’s natural rhythms. Essentially, there are less hormones required and the need to retrieve as many eggs is also lessened.

Reasons You May Want To Consider a Natural Fertility Treatment

  • If you do not react well to medication or dislike medication
  • If you are interested in low cost fertility alternatives
  • If you have irregular menstrual cycles
  • If you are unable to produce an optimal number of eggs despite medication
  • If you have been told you have a thin uterine lining
  • If you prefer to have a healing journey to prepare for parenthood
  • If you are curious about a Fertility Detoxification Program
  • If you prefer emotional support during your fertility journey
  • If you have PCOS and would like to address regulating cycles before pregnancy
  • If you wish to increase the success rate of an IVF retrieval and successful implantation/pregnancy

Incorporating some of these holistic health practices into your fertility journey should be a supportive experience, physically and emotionally. My advice is to always look for a doctor whose ultimate goal is to help you conceive as naturally as possible without stress and takes into consideration your individual needs.

If you are curious about a fertility journey with Dr. Cope, or what your best options are for your individual needs, feel free to mention this article and schedule a discounted introductory appointment here.

Dr. Alexandra Cope is a naturopathic practitioner and womxn’s fertility specialist. Her mission is to help womxn become empowered in their femininity through learning the steps of their cycle, how to heal menstrual disharmony with herbs and nutrition, and how to maximize productivity and health according to the lunar month. Dr. Cope is taking patients online and in Richmond, Virginia. You can also find her on Instagram @copesthetichealth.

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