Living Less Disposably with Cloth Diapering From Esembly

07.13.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Today, we welcome Liz Turriginao to the pod. Liz is the co-founder and mama to two incredible babies and businesses, Diaperkind and Esembly. Both businesses focus on sustainable diapering and with Nikki due to meet her baby girl any day now, discovering Esembly couldn’t have come at a better time.

Did you know 37 BILLION diapers are thrown away each year? It’s a number that feels too big to compute. As a new mom, Liz was astounded and motivated by this figure and set out to find a solution. First, she created Diaperkind, an eco-friendly cloth diaper delivery service for her fellow New Yorker new parents. It was an instant hit. Inspired by its reception, Liz and her co-founder expanded their offering across the country. After over three years of trial and error, the result was Esembly, a complete at-home cloth diaper system that helps parents diaper more sustainably.

Although Mother Nature seems like the obvious reason for switching to Esembly (see previous gigantic statistic), it’s not the only reason. As Liz explains in this episode, their bespoke system and innovative design is made of natural organic materials for your baby, saves you time (big win), and also reduces the chance of diaper blowouts.

You’ll also hear Liz and Nikki chat about the balance between running a product-based company with kids. Spoiler alert: it’s challenging but also mindblowing to realize the amount and impact you can create as both an entrepreneur and mom. We are so grateful that people like Liz exist. People that look at a seemingly insurmountable problem and not only find a way through for themselves but make it easier for the rest of us to follow.

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