Investigating the Overlooked Dangers of Mainstream Medicine with Jennifer Margulis

07.06.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Today, we welcome Jennifer Margulis, an award-winning investigative journalist and Fulbright grantee, to the show. Jennifer’s book Your Baby, Your Way has been one of Nikki’s most transformative reads to date, especially as it pertains to pregnancy and childbirth. The opportunity to dive deeper one-on-one with Jennifer and share her perspective with THE FULLEST listeners is a true gift.

In this episode, Nikki and Jennifer discuss and share the latest research and findings on a host of issues from addiction to COVID and vaccines. Generously, they also draw on some raw and personal experiences to illustrate the deep malfunctioning of America’s current healthcare system.

Although staring at these painful realities can often feel heavy or paralyzing, Jennifer’s take on these difficult topics leaves us feeling the opposite. Her comprehension of the mainstream medical system helps us to understand its conscious or unconscious motivations. Although she offers plenty of anecdotal evidence as an investigative journalist, Jennifer uses science, credible accounts, and facts to pull back the curtain on American healthcare. Unfortunately, the truth is that this system is always going to favor profits over people. However, in understanding its mechanics, we are able to see reality, better advocate for ourselves, and make more affirmative choices.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, railroaded, or criticized for taking a healing path that’s not the party line, Jennifer and Nikki applaud you for your courage. More than that, they remind you that your critical thinking and willingness to stand up for your wellbeing is a revolutionary act. 

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