Mia Luciano joins us for In My Orbit. Mia is the co-founder of Mercardo Sagrado, a platform to support visionaries, artists, indigenous leaders, inventors of healing technologies, organic architects, surfers, dolphin whisperers, natural medicine makers, and more. Therefore it’s no surprise she has her finger on the pulse of old and new wellness modalities. We loved her list that included both ancient and emergent practices. However, it was Mother Nature who featured most heavily on her In My Orbit list. This one got us inspired to return to the ocean and explore more innovative forms of energy medicine.

Q. This is obviously a moving target — but what’s your current wellness philosophy?

If our physical plane is a manifestation of mind, and I think it is, then best to focus on refining that aspect of being above all else. To me that means paying attention to my thoughts/beliefs and cultivating alignment for more joy, more peace. All that mostly means day-to-day for me is just prioritizing enough of what makes me feel good or balanced — morning meditation and dance or yoga, time in nature, maybe an ocean swim. I love eating super locally or even home grown but I’m not strict or on a particular diet. I’m also into utilizing frequency for well-being and healing — both via practitioners or devices such as crystal bowls or tech. I just got a new frequency healing device I’m excited about that has a quantum biofeedback scanner and incorporates microcurrent, which increases the cells’ ATP. It’s really cool, you can even deliver nutritional supplements or flower essences remotely with the precise frequency.

Which foods are currently taking prime position in your kitchen pantry?

There is an abundance of local veggies, fruit, and fish like ahi and mahi mahi available on Big Island’s roadside stands and the Saturday market. So that’s where I buy most of the food for the week. Fruits in the house this week are papaya, lychee, mango, and soursop. We’ve been harvesting a lot of coconuts from the land and I’m loving having fresh coconut water to drink and also making my own coconut cream. I use it to make curry or golden milk lattes with island turmeric. I like buying whole chickens from a nearby farm and doing roasts with veggies and the Okinawan purple sweet potatoes. The mulberry harvest a few weeks ago was epic and so I’ve been eating tons of jam with spicy island made goat cheese. And probably my most favorite of the moment is ube ice cream — it’s so delicious and the most beautiful shade of lavender!

What’s your works-every-single-time mood booster?

Ocean immersion.

The last thing you Googled?

Bat flowers.

Who — or what — can you count on to make you laugh?

I have a lot of animals in my life and they can always make me laugh and pull me back into the present moment.

Is there a practice, item, or piece of wisdom you’ve kept from childhood that still holds meaning for you today?

The art of doing nothing, of daydreaming, preferably outdoors. I didn’t think of it as anything special when I was young and usually got into trouble for doing it but I now understand that’s the place and space of mind from which everything beautiful and magical emerges.

When do you feel most beautiful?

After being at the beach all day, tanned with saltwater soaked hair.

Are there any healers or teachers you have on speed dial?

I work with a frequency healer whose sessions feel like 10 years of therapy in one go — he’s word of mouth only, zero online presence. Keiko Matsuo in Topanga (also founder of GOLDA) for Japanese Holistic Qi therapy — she’s amazing. A few teachers I’ve been reading (or YouTube-ing) lately are Florence Scovel Shinn, Neville Goddard, Lee Carroll, and David Deida.

What’s your preferred movement practice?


Do you have a dream floating in your orbit that’s not yet realized?

One dream for me, but also humanity, is to soon be able to power an event fully with a free energy device. The way the whole electric power thing is sold to us as an antidote to coal and gasoline is a scam, we can do better!

How does THE FULLEST align with you and fit into your life?

By offering thought provoking and helpful holistic health information and inspiration with beauty and elegance.

Mia Luciano, aka Heather Culp (she recently went back to using her birth name), is an experience creator and curator, an artist and photographer, a holistic health advocate, and community organizer. In 2014, she co-founded Mercado Sagrado, a creative and healing arts event platform for gatherings bringing together a distinctive blend of conscious talent, high craft, and expansive programming in natural sanctuaries. Her work honors the earth and serves as a bridge between the ancient and emergent. She spends her time between the island of Hawai’i and Topanga Canyon, California.

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