Child Psychologist Nicole Beurkens on Better Behavior, Naturally

07.27.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

The title of this episode may have you thinking that this one’s for the parents. And yes, it is a fount of child rearing wisdom. However, it is also an excellent listen for anyone that may have grown up in a household that didn’t encourage a healthy expression of big feelings. All of this is due to the clarity that today’s guest, Nicole Beurkens, imparts. She reframes the links between emotional resilience, healthy expression of feelings, and the mind-body connection — not just for kids but also for adults.

Nicole also explains that sometimes, we expect children to have the same responses to life as adults. However, that’s impossible, as kids — unlike adults — don’t have a fully formed prefrontal cortex. Meaning, they’re supposed to respond differently, they’re supposed to (as trying as it can be) test the boundaries to develop this section of their brain. Fortunately, she also shares some advice that allows the expression of these feelings but also creates boundaries.

Nicole and Nikki also dive into the over-prescription of pharmaceuticals. Nicole shares that she believes there is not enough information given to parents around alternatives to make informed choices. For example, hyperactivity and impulsivity may not be a sign of ADHD but stress. Equally, ADHD “symptoms” may also be due to an iron imbalance or treated with exercise and nutrition. They also chat masks and kids’ development, codependency, and the importance of parents’ mental wellbeing.

To top it off — all of this incredibly valuable information is delivered in a way that is non-judgemental, calming, and immediately applicable. Have a listen and feel empowered and reassured that you can help yourself and your child build better behaviors, naturally. 

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