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06.11.2021 Life
Dara Dubinet
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18 years ago, I discovered the power of Astrogeography and it changed my life for the better. Now, I am on a mission to make this empowering information accessible to anyone at any time. Astrogeography is astrology of place, also known as Astrocartography or Astrolocality. Essentially, this means that there are certain places on Planet Earth that will feel really good to you and certain places that are going to feel more challenging. These energies are from the other planets in our solar system that at the moment of your birth, impact you in unique ways based on your chart.

How does it work?

At the moment you were born, all the planets in our solar system were in certain positions in the sky and if you take a snapshot of the earth and saw where the planets were over the earth at that moment, you will be able to know your Astrogeography. The chart is particular to you and all you need to find out this information is your birth date, time, and location of birth. If you don’t have your birth time, I recommend referencing Barbara Goldsmith who can help you discover it.

Each planet has certain benefits both supportive and challenging that we can learn and harness while we travel on certain lines. For example, the sun line will help you shine like the sun, Jupiter is the planet of joy, and the more challenging ones such as Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus (the planet of surprises) help us to grow.

What can we learn from it?

There’s so much we can do with Astrogeography! When I do intuitive sessions for people, I always look to see what their Astrogeography is because it tells me what energies they’re swimming in where they are.

So, if there are challenges and difficulties, we want to first rule out if it has anything to do with Astrogeography.

Maybe you’re feeling like you can’t be seen, that you are swimming underwater, and that nothing you say is being recognized. Then you could be on your Neptune line. So first we want to know where you’re living and what’s going on there. We also want to know what was going on in the place of your birth because that’s going to tell us a little bit about your character, which always stays with you.

The really cool thing is, if you’re thinking of relocating, then Astrogeography will be essential. This is excellent for when you’re traveling because it doesn’t mean you have to be deterred from going anywhere, it’s just really helpful to know what energies you’re going into and then you can be prepared for it.

This can also help us manifest certain things in our lives by either relocating, traveling, and/or communicating with people who are on lines (places in the world) that hold energies for us that we want.

For example, let’s say you want more fame and recognition. In Feng Shui, you’ll look to the fame and recognition area of your home, and Astrogeography is like the Feng Shui of the world map. Where are the fame and recognition areas for you on the world map? You can move, you can travel, and if you can’t do both of those, you can start to open up the portal and shift your energy by opening up the energies and communicating with somebody on that line.

Let’s say you’re an artist, and you want to sell your artwork and be known, then using Astrogeography, you can find galleries on let’s say the sun line or one of the sun lines. So you can start communicating with galleries on that line. Other examples include studying with someone on a Mercury line, finding a healer on a Chiron line, or looking for love on a Venus line. You can do sales and marketing on the sun, Mercury, or Jupiter lines. There are so many different possibilities. And in doing this, you can manifest things by simply communicating with someone on a specific line. You can also start to look at landscapes on those lines. Listen to music from that area, find textiles or crystals. By doing this, you’re opening up the energy that really does exist for you somewhere on the earth.

Remember, what you’re feeling now where you are, will be completely different when traveling or going to a different location.

How to live it?

As you may know, I just did some Astrogeo-traveling on my own. I’m writing this to you from my Jupiter Midheaven line in Lisbon, Portugal. I am feeling extraordinarily happy and seen, and I am able to communicate and express myself. When I was in Rome and Greece on my Neptune line, it was definitely like being underwater.

So there is such a thing as a geographical fix!

Knowing your astrogeography is so essential in this day and age, especially with increasing numbers of people relocating and our ability to communicate with people all over the world. So to me, it’s just essential at this moment in time to know where these energies are for you and what you’re dealing with where you are.

You can also use Astrogeography with your partner, if you’re wanting to know why they’re behaving the way they’re behaving. Or you want to help your child discover where best to study, such as on a Mercury or Saturn line. A Saturn line will give you great discipline.

If you’re having health issues and life is feeling hard and challenging and you feel old before your time, you may have a really grand aha moment and that you’re feeling this way because you’re on your Saturn line for example. Some people enjoy being on their Saturn line, and for others it can be a hard line to move away from. It’s a line of discipline, order, following the rules, and institutions.

Sometimes we choose the things, the lines that are more challenging so that we can grow. They’re challenging, but our soul chose them. Our soul chose our place of birth and where we’re living now. We can learn from this and then know when it’s time to move on. And not only know when it’s time to move on but to understand it, feel it, and have that aha moment while also knowing where to head to, and where holds the juiciest, most beneficial energy that you can find and that you need at the moment.

Discover your own astrogeography influences with Dara’s Astrogeography online course.

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