Environmental Health Is Human Health

06.15.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Dr. Aly Cohen is a board certified rheumatologist and joins us on the podcast to discuss the correlation between environmental and human health. She — like a number of our other recent podcast guests — comes from a conventional medical background but began to question some of the curriculum she was learning after a personal experience. For Aly, it was the liver cancer diagnosis of her Golden Retriever; an unusual illness for the breed that couldn’t simply be defined as “genetic.” Aly began doing her own investigations about the link between toxins and disease. Her findings on the impact of chemicals on humans, animals, and the earth both shocked and inspired her. She has since dedicated a huge portion of her professional life to helping people adopt practical solutions that can reduce toxin exposure.

One of the things that we loved about this conversation was Aly’s honesty. She shares her own experience of overwhelm and anger at some of her discoveries around the toxic state of our food, public parks, and beauty products. Yet, she also reminds us that although we can’t control all of our external factors, there are a number of helpful and healing lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference to our health. In fact, her TED Talk and best-selling consumer guidebook, Non-Toxic: Guide to Living Healthy in a Chemical World, are both great resources for those looking to empower themselves with simple solutions.

Aly also shares her thoughts on water (including reverse osmosis), radiation, 5G, and the issues with BPA and manufacturing legislation.

If you’re struggling to wrap your head around the extent of toxins in our modern lives, take a listen to this ep! We promise you’ll walk away more reassured and armed with useful advice to help you take healing into your own hands.  

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