Elaina Bellis on Unexpected Journeys Into Motherhood

06.22.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Before we outline this week’s episode, we want to give our deepest thank you to our guest, Elaina Bellis, for her vulnerability, strength, and grace in this conversation. We are honored to be able to share your story with our listeners.

As you’ll come to hear, Elaina’s first son, Lincoln, was stillborn. An incredibly painful experience for any mother, Elaina walks us through her stillborn journey from pregnancy to delivery, and from immense grief to deep healing.

Elaina’s openness in sharing her experience with her own community resulted in women around the world finding a greater sense of understanding and support as they too navigated a similar journey into motherhood and processed their own moment of loss.

We’ll actually leave it there as Elaina’s story is most powerfully told in her own words. Listen in and if you are experiencing grief or loss of a child or loved one, heads up…this one is quite emotional.

Listen in here.

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