Dr. Sophia Kogan on Postpartum Hair Loss

06.29.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Today, we welcome Dr. Sophia Kogan M.D., co-founder and Chief Medical Advisor of Nutrafol, to the podcast. Nutrafol is the first clinically effective hair wellness supplement that utilizes powerful botanics — essentially, it’s hair wellness from within that legitimately works.

Let’s just say this episode was one part biology lesson and one part warm hug. Why? Because learning about our bodies’ cycles and the plants that support our vitality is immeasurably reassuring. Nobody wants to lose their hair, especially prematurely. Discovering there is a solution that is both natural and effective provides a wave of relief for the many women who are experiencing shedding, generally after birth and during menopause.

To get to the final result of their highly awarded supplements, Sophia and the minds behind Nutrafol examined the root causes (no pun intended) of hair loss for women and men, then set about finding the most potent botanicals and herbs to address each of their individual issues. The result is a custom supplement that targets the many causes of hair loss from stress, to hormones, and nutrition deficiencies.

Many cultures believed that our hair was our lifeforce. Equally, the confidence that comes from having your hair in its most natural and thickest state is a real thing (see: good hair days and its polarity, bad hair days). If you’re experiencing thinning, loss, or just generally feel that your hair is not glowing up to its maximum potential — this one is for you. Sophia breaks down everything from a scientific and plan-based perspective to help you find the formula that’s best for your current life cycle. And for a limited time you can receive $15 off your first month subscription of Nutrafol, using code THEFULLEST at checkout. (Available to US customers only for a limited time.)

This week’s episode is sponsored by Bennd. Bennd strives to support personal wellness through naturally crafted yoga products and meditation aids infused with the time-honored health benefits of over 20 traditional Ayurvedic plants and herbs. For $20 off your Bennd order, use code THEFULLEST at checkout.

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