This Research May Biologically Prove Mother’s Intuition

05.10.2021 Home & Motherhood
Dr. Habib Sadeghi
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As we honor our mothers this month, I wanted to share some exciting research that demonstrates the unique connection that exists between a mother and her child. Until recently, we’ve had to accept the reality of a mother’s intuition on faith alone. Now, science is proving the reality of this exclusive bond in a very convincing way.

A study published in the medical journal, PLOS One examined the brains of 59 women who had died between the ages of 32 and 101. Nearly two thirds or 37 women in the sample were found to have traces of male DNA with the Y chromosome in various regions of their brains. The Y chromosome could not have come from the women’s fathers because if it had, they would have been born male. The only logical explanation was that the male DNA had come from their sons.

During pregnancy, more than nutrients pass through the placenta between mother and child.  Tissue cells and genetic material also seem to make the transfer.  Science has known for some time that DNA passed through the placenta between the fetus and mother in mice, but now it seems the same phenomenon, called microchimerism, also happens in humans. Fetal DNA crossing the placenta can find a home in any of the mother’s organs including the skin, liver and spleen.

The membrane protecting the brain known as the blood-brain barrier becomes less resistant to cells from the outside because a woman’s immune system is partially suppressed during pregnancy. This happens so that her body does not reject the fetus as a foreign invader. It was also estimated that fetal DNA entering the brain was yet another way for the mother’s body to be able to identify the fetus as friend, not foe.

It should be noted that the same effect most likely happens for daughters, as well. The researchers chose to focus on sons because it would have been much too difficult to distinguish a mother’s DNA from her daughter’s because they are both female. In either case, it appears that fetal DNA in the brains of mothers is there for life because the oldest woman in which the male DNA was found was 94.

I hope you find this discovery as exciting as I do.

Because women carry the DNA of their children inside their own bodies, specifically the brain, perhaps this explains a mother’s intuition.  Many women can sense when their child is in danger or pick out their child’s cry from within a group of other children. Women have felt the reality of this profound connection since the beginning of humanity, but now it seems there is a biological basis for it.

While the study was very small and some valid challenges were made, it’s clear these initial findings justify a new broader investigation. If confirmed, many healing opportunities may lie in the unique mother/child bond. Could it be possible to use this DNA connection between mother and child to facilitate a non-resistant organ transplant that wouldn’t require immune-suppressive drugs? I believe this DNA connection will eventually be able to explain how subconscious trans-generational traumas are passed down that create illnesses on the physical plane and how we can heal them.

So there you have it, a new reason to cherish our mothers and be grateful for the special bond that we will share with no one else in our lives. It’s another beautiful example of what a profound responsibility and blessing it is to be a mother and hold the future in your hands.

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