Why Mother Earth Needs Legal Protection with Grant Wilson

05.18.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Often on our podcast, we discuss the importance of healing the root causes of our personal health versus band-aid treatments that only tackle the symptoms. In today’s episode, we touch on this issue again — but this time, from the perspective of Mother Earth.

For tens of thousands of years, humans have lived in harmony with the Earth. However, in the last two hundred years we have tinkered with her natural biorhythms to our own detriment as a species.

Just like the body has the power to heal itself, so too does Nature, but it will require humans to have the humility to partake in radical internal and external transformation.

Incredibly, we were blessed to sit down with Grant Wilson, the Executive Director of the Earth Law Center. Grant is an expert on the Rights of Nature, ecocentric law, water law, international law, and for the last decade he has defended the rights and interests of Nature all over the world. Basically, there could be no one more qualified to explain the current predicament we are in environmentally.

We learn that at the center of the climate crisis is a fundamentally flawed legal system. Emissions targets, carbon offsetting, and innovative “renewables” are all great in theory and the intentions behind them are admirable. However, without a complete restructure of our cultural, legal, and capitalist structures — true environmental healing cannot occur.

Presently, the dominant worldview has us believe that humans own nature, that it is something that exists for us to use for profit and resources. This is an unsustainable story. A new narrative must emerge; one that sees Nature reframed from a resource to be exploited to a partner we depend on for survival and provisions.

In this episode, we discuss the differences between types of energy and their varying impacts from geoengineering to solar power. Unfortunately, our model of throwing more money at an issue and altering the natural flow of the earth is not going to save us. Ecocentric law asks us to imagine Nature’s perspective on these issues and proposed solutions. What would Nature say about hydrotherapy, coal, or regenerative farming? After all, we are in this together.

This one’s a powerful conversation that stares directly at our challenges but also posits solutions and hope. Please listen and share this one.

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