Why Carla Oates Knows Beauty Begins in the Belly

05.11.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Today, we welcome the lovely Carla Oates to the podcast, a woman who is a true embodiment of her brand — The Beauty Chef. She is also kind of a clean beauty visionary — being the first to recognize the link between a balanced microbiome (good gut health) and beautiful skin.

Carla spent the first 10 years of her working life as a fashion stylist before turning her attention to beauty writing. But the allure quickly wore off as she became alarmed by the synthetic substances and toxins contained in many commercial beauty products. She began writing about healthier, natural alternatives made from plants and organic foods and wrote her first book, Feeding Your Skin.

By then she was a mother of two small children, who are now teenagers. When her daughter began to experience similar skin issues to the eczema and allergies she herself had experienced as a child, Carla put her family on a gut-healing protocol that included probiotic-rich, lacto-fermented whole foods. Very quickly Carla noticed a profound difference in her daughter’s skin, as well as the improved wellbeing of the whole family.

When friends and family began asking why her skin looked so ‘glowy,’ Carla realised the power of the gut-skin connection and the importance of beauty from the inside out. She began experimenting with lacto-fermenting superfoods in her Bondi kitchen. Soon, The Beauty Chef was pioneering the philosophy of ‘beauty from the inside out’ and ‘beauty begins in the belly.’®

Along with her comprehensive range of products, she’s also published The Beauty Chef Gut Guide and The Beauty Chef Cookbook (a James Beard Award nominee) that includes 90+ delicious recipes and weekly meal plans to help readers heal, weed, seed, and feed their gut.

We’re so grateful to have Carla on the show and to learn that beauty really is more than skin deep.

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