Honoring Mexico’s annual celebration of Cinco de Mayo is always a privilege — but doing it in partnership with Rosaluna (with one of their Pink Moon Palomas in hand) is another level. Rosaluna is a Mexican distillery that won over our hearts and minds with their unwavering commitment to their heritage, farming practices, and probably the earthiest mezcal to ever hit our lips.

Rosaluna was born under a warm rose moon in the small village of Santiago Matatlán, lovingly known as “The World Capital of Mezcal.”

This handcrafted spirit comes from a family that has spent over six generations perfecting their process. Today, their business model is 100% vertically integrated. This means they grow, farm, ferment, and distill their own agave from start to finish.

For many of us, our relationship to alcohol has come under review in recent years. We’ve traded in tequila shots, unconscious drinking habits, and cheap drinks for ritual, mindful consumption and clean alternatives that don’t give us a preservatives hangover. Fortunately, Rosaluna has been there to fill the gap. Made only with agave, water, and lots of love, Rosaluna has created a tipple that is non-gmo, plant-based, carbon neutral, and kind of tastes like magic from the earth. If you are looking to acknowledge Cinco de Mayo with friends and family this year, then pouring yourself a Rosaluna and paying respect not only to Mexico’s powerful agave plant, but  the people that passionately tend, distill, and share it with the rest of the world is a pretty good (and delicious) way to do it.

Recipe: Pink Moon Paloma


  • 2 oz Mezcal Rosaluna
  • 1 oz fresh, organic grapefruit juice
  • 0.5 oz organic lime juice
  • 1 pinch of sea salt
  • Garnish: torched rosemary sprig and topped with seltzer


The agave plant pollinates under the magic of the moonlight. We believe that good ideas do too. Create your own moonlight, no matter when or where, with this perfect Paloma spin-off.

Add all ingredients to the shaker, shake well, and pour into a glass filled with fresh ice. Top with seltzer and a rosemary sprig for good measure.

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