Kyle Miller has got to be one of our most loved yoginis. She recently released an online video offering of breathwork, meditation, and poses and people around the globe are tuning in — including the team at THE FULLEST. Perhaps it’s her relatability, joy, and posture prowess that always leaves us feeling expanded and uplifted. We caught up with her to get a glimpse into the things orbiting in her world.

This is obviously a moving target — but what’s your current wellness philosophy?

We are nature. We ebb and flow, we move through the seasons, we experience the pattern of life. Birth, life, death; spring, summer, fall, winter, over and over again. The more we can accept this ever changing rhythm, the more life makes sense and the less resistance we have to the inevitable. So much insight can be gained through paying attention to the repetition of these simple patterns as they appear in all facets of our lives.

Which foods are currently taking prime position in your kitchen pantry?

Oats, dates, and pecans because I am obsessed with making these delightful little energy balls. I blend the dates, nuts, and coconut oil into a wet paste and then pulse in the oats. After that I form them into balls, and then I always have a healthy, sweet treat on hand when I need it.

What’s your works-every-single-time mood booster?

Going to the beach — it’s my ultimate happiness and life hack. It’s very difficult for me to be in a bad mood if I’m at the beach!

The last thing you Googled?

Restaurants in Mexico City! I’m going with friends soon and I can’t wait.

Who — or what — can you count on to make you laugh?

My BFFs. My relationships are my whole world and my friends are the funniest people on the planet.

Is there a practice, item, or piece of wisdom you’ve kept from childhood that still holds meaning for you today?

My mom instilled in me that art matters — and I very much live by this.

When do you feel most beautiful?

Coming out of the ocean, I feel alive and radiant. And I love my hair when it’s all salty and f**ked up as I bask on the sand.

Are there any healers or teachers you have on speed dial?

My teachers, Nevine Michaan and Rima Rabbath, are my daily inspiration; they are truly incredible. Plus my acupuncturists, Trace Albrecht and Grace Suh, my facialists, Tess Adams and Nousha Raymond, and my pilates teacher, Nancy Richer. I love my team! They make me feel supported and insulated.

What’s your preferred movement practice?

Yoga, Katonah style breathwork, and pilates. And I’m obsessed with walking.

Do you have a dream floating in your orbit that’s not yet realized?

I dream of having a husband and making a family.

How does THE FULLEST align with you and fit into your life?

THE FULLEST is a source of inspiration and information! The topics covered always interest me. I love that THE FULLEST goes beyond the typical wellness soundbites and digs deeper. I also love the Saffron Latte.

Kyle Miller is a yoga and breathwork teacher based in LA. She has been teaching, studying, practicing, and living yoga since 2007. For her, the practice is a means for self study, a window into our awareness, and a way to develop a conscious narrative thread. She teaches techniques that cover functionality and joy through her trainings, retreats, and live-streamed classes all over the world. Follow here on IG @kylemilleryoga.

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