We Found a Powerful Tool to Help You Tackle the Dreaded UTI

04.12.2021 Life
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There are some conditions that are unpredictable; the ones that strike at the most inconvenient of times and can range from the mildly annoying to the downright crippling. One culprit that delights in the surprise attack — usually the night after a bout of amorous love making or a longhaul flight — is the UTI. Over 50% of all women will experience at least one urinary tract infection in their lifetime — emphasis on the “at least.” We’re not sure of the exact stats but we assume that means that at least 50% of all women will also run to the nearest Whole Foods for some cranberry juice or hobble their way to their doctor for antibiotics, depending on the severity of their symptoms.

The other sneaky thing about UTIs is that while you’re in the midst of an attack, you’re counting the clock until they end, but once gone they’re easy to forget…until another one happens. And you’re back in the frustrating cycle again.

This was the scenario that Uqora Co-founders Jenna Ryan and Spencer Gordon found themselves in. After Jenna endured eight UTIs in the space of a year, she was desperate to get ahead of the problem, but was told repeatedly there was little she could do. Her partner Spencer (who has a background in biochemistry) began searching for solutions. Together, Spencer and Jenna were inspired to change the way we approach urinary health. They began collaborating with physicians and urologists to create Uqora; a company that specializes in UTI relief and proactive urinary tract health supplements (and no, they aren’t made with cranberry).

They formulated their flagship proactive supplements, the Uqora Complete System, a three-pronged approach to support you daily. The system is comprehensive to say the least — with each product focusing on a different aspect of urinary tract health. To be honest, before Uqora we knew very little about this part of our bodies. For example, did you know that our vaginal health influences our urinary health? Or that we should be continually cleansing our biofilm in our bladder and strengthening our bladder wall? Yes, we had to google what biofilm was also.

Uqora’s Promote and Control capsules are specifically designed to address both of those issues and are to be taken daily. On the other hand, their third product Target, is a drinkable sachet to flush your urinary tract. This is great to give you extra support after sex, exercise, or traveling. If you’re ready for a new approach and curious to know the efficacy of these products, jump on their site and check out their reviews. Thousands of women have left the brand 5-star reviews and share their experience.

UTIs are a condition that affects millions but innovation has been remarkably stagnant. Many of us in wellness are searching for ways to help our bodies perform at optimal levels. Fortunately, brands like Uqora are helping create change with not only their products but also by building a community and providing UTI education resources.

Over at Team FULLEST, we have all said that there is something very empowering in adding antibiotic-free supplements designed to enhance both our urinary and vaginal health.

If Uqora has taught us anything, it’s reminded us that once again we do have sovereignty over our health and that late night dashes to drugstores are indeed optional.

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