The Power of Homeopathy and Teething

04.29.2021 Home & Motherhood
Dr. Marlene Ehrler
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After posting on my Instagram account about how my son was going through a brutal bout of teething and that he had total resolution of his symptoms through homeopathy, my inbox was flooded with mothers wanting to know more. So, I decided to write a piece to provide more details and hopefully answer some questions.

So first, why did I decide to give my son homeopathy for his teething?

Homeopathy is vital to my success in treatment of a wide array of health conditions. There is no other treatment that is as effective, safe, and side-effect free as homeopathy.

Homeopathic medicines stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal and work at your underlying susceptibility to a condition. It is your underlying susceptibility, or internal imbalance, that creates the outward symptoms of health conditions.

Other treatment methods such as botanicals, essential oils, supplements, etc., focus on symptom suppression rather than healing your susceptibility. For example, clove oil is commonly rubbed on gums to provide pain relief, but unfortunately the pain relieving properties wear off quickly and children are left in the same amount of pain as before the medicine was given. With the correct homeopathic prescription, both the swollen gum tissue and the susceptibility to the pain are completely healed. None of the symptoms are suppressed!

Many mothers asked me if I had given him homeopathic teething tablets. The answer is no! Some find these products help their children for a short period of time, and some report that they never worked in the first place. That is because these products take a “shotgun approach.” They combine several homeopathic remedies that might be indicated for the condition with the hopes that you will react to one of them. People often find that they never work, or they stop working after a short period of time and are left with the symptoms just as bad as they were before. The only way to have full resolution of the condition is with exact homeopathic prescribing based on the current presentation of the symptoms. For example, when some babies teethe they drool excessively, fuss, and chew on everything. My son does not present this way at all. Instead, he turns bright red, cries inconsolably, becomes a bit violent, throws himself on the floor, and wants to be picked up but then immediately wants to be put down. It is exhausting for everyone involved, and it is hard to watch. He needed a homeopathic remedy that matched the unique way his teething symptoms presented.

During this last bout of teething, I recorded a series of videos to show my husband his progress after his first dose of the remedy. He encouraged me to share them in hopes of helping other women and children. They are unedited and were not intended to be shared, so our house is a mess!

In the first video, you can see his face is bright red, he is crying inconsolably, and thrashing. It appears that he wants to be picked up, but as soon as I do he immediately wants to be put down. After recording this video, I immediately gave him his first dose of the remedy.

After 5-10 minutes, the redness in his face started to get better and he stopped crying. He was still a bit jittery but was much calmer than his original state. At this point, he still did not want to be held but the remedy was working.

After 15 minutes, he had calmed down entirely and was smiling. His face was still a little bit pink but was improving. He was calm enough to sit for a story and he finally allowed me to hold him!

About 20 minutes after his first dose, he was nursing calmly in my arms. He fell asleep shortly after this, and took a 2.5 hour nap. When he awoke, he was his normal self and the rest of the day passed with ease. We were even able to attend a holiday dinner later that evening and he was calm and pain-free the entire time.

This article was first published in Dr Marlene Ehrler’s journal

Dr. Marlene Ehrler is a licensed naturopathic doctor and professor best known for her ability to transform the health of her patients using intentional, wise, and simple practices. By blending her extensive medical training, years of traditional medicine apprenticeships, and unique gifts, her patients experience radiant, lasting wellness. Dr. Ehrler is currently offering free introductory consultations to new patients globally, and you can follow her on Instagram for wellness inspiration and information at @dr.ehrler.

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