Kelly Brogan on Owning Your Body to Free Your Mind

04.13.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

The body does not make mistakes. Your symptoms are the language of your soul. You always have the capacity to heal yourself. These are just a few of the potent insights from today’s guest, Kelly Brogan, M.D. Kelly is a holistic psychiatrist, author of the NY Times Bestselling books A Mind of Your Own and Own Your Self, the children’s book, A Time For Rain, and co-editor of the landmark textbook, Integrative Therapies for Depression. As you’ll hear today, Kelly specializes in a root-cause resolution approach to psychiatric syndromes and symptoms, one based on the individual’s ability to treat and heal their unique psycho-spiritual pain — but that wasn’t always the case.

Kelly began her career in allopathic medicine — and described her former self as a devout follower of the “cult of conventional western medicine.” At this time, she was adhering to the pharmaceutical model and prescribed psychiatric meds to her patients. However, when offered the same drugs during her own postpartum window, she felt uncomfortable taking them. It was an inconvenient truth that began to signal something was amiss internally.

Not long after, Kelly was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and became frustrated and then angry at the limitations of traditional healthcare. This catapulted her into the realm of natural healing. Along her road, she began a journey of inner discovery, alternative treatments, and lifestyle changes that ultimately led her to a place of self-possession.

It was not an easy path and forced her to walk away from many stories that she had previously held as “truth.” In this episode, Kelly speaks with clarity, conviction, and wisdom about her own journey, which offers us a perspective of natural and holistic healing that can only be described as radically empowering and reformative.

This episode is a gateway to medical freedom for all THE FULLEST listeners. However, if you have struggled with chronic health conditions,  are looking to taper off psychotropic meds, or are going through as Jung termed, “a dark night of the soul” — this one is an absolute must-listen.

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