Feng Shui, North Nodes, and Astrogeography with Dara Dubinet

04.20.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

This week, we welcome Dara Dubinet to the pod. Dara is a life direction specialist, a maverick of sorts, blazing a trail globally for vibrancy, health, and happiness. Dara inspires others to get to their next level of greatness by making choices that lead to a life that is clean, clear, and bright. Specifically, she does this by sharing life tools through her uplifting but informative ebooks, online courses, and YouTube videos.

Although she’s been a pioneer of raw food and tonics for many years, more recently she has been sharing the teachings of decluttering through Feng Shui, North Nodes (your soul’s purpose according to astrology), and Astrocartography (a map that helps you understand the energies of place). In this ep, Dara generously breaks down each of these modalities and gives us a crash course in each of these tools.

Dara brings to life the definition of radiance and even in audio, it’s hard not to feel lit up by her enthusiasm and joy. Listen in if you’re looking for a little guidance, interested in learning something new, or just in need of a dose of human sunshine.

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