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03.15.2021 Life
Dr. Thomas Cowan
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This article is a direct excerpt from Cancer and the New Biology of Water by Dr. Thomas Cowan.

The 1925 death of French physiologist René Quinton prompted one of the largest funeral processions in the history of France. The thousands of people attending it lined the streets, heads of state flocked in, and the prime minister of France delivered the eulogy for a man most of us have never heard of but whose life work saved untold numbers of lives at the time, formed a cornerstone of modern medical practice, and offers practical insight that belongs at the center of any attempt to understand the role of structured water in health and disease.

Who was René Quinton? What did he accomplish that led to this outpouring of admiration and support? He was a humble man who worked with seawater his entire adult life. He is credited with the development of a rehydration solution that saved the lives of many people, mostly children, who were dying of cholera in French cities during the early twentieth century. Quinton plasma, as it would come to be known, was also used by the French military to resuscitate soldiers wounded in the battles of the First World War, and was so effective that the French government established Quinton centers throughout the country to treat people, often children, for many different illnesses.

Of course, it also became the blueprint that gave rise to the intravenous (IV) solutions used in modern medicine, as well as the oral rehydration solutions used, for example, by the World Health Organization to combat dehydration from diarrhea that is still such a menace to residents of the Global South or those living in areas hit by natural disasters. Inevitably, the quality of modern IV fluids is a shell of Quinton’s original development. Whereas modern IV fluids are now just sodium chloride in sterile water packaged into plastic bags, Quinton, having observed that our blood and extracellular fluids (the fluids in which our cells are bathed) have the same mineral composition as seawater, created a plasma composed of seawater.

Quinton’s discovery that our blood reflects the mineral composition of the oceans led him to propose the idea that health can be defined as the state in which our fluids, including blood, are in their “perfect” state when they most closely mirror the composition of the sea. Disease, according to Quinton, arises when this internal mineral balance is disturbed. Furthermore, he proposed that the internal fluids are not just a suspension of a particular mix of minerals and water but exist in a kind of organized state. This organized state is another aspect of the health of the organism.

When our internal fluids are in perfect mineral balance, in their optimal organized state, we are healthy. When the mineral composition is off or the organization breaks down, we suffer disease.

Quinton was not content to propose abstract theories about the nature of health and disease, however. He reasoned that if he was correct, then the proper application of seawater should be able to restore a sick person to health. Over decades of research he discovered that there are a few areas of the oceans with, for unexplained reasons, permanent natural vortexes several miles wide. Within these vortexes are (of course) seawater, phytoplankton, and other microscopic sea organisms. Quinton and his colleagues developed techniques to drop a suction apparatus deep within the center of this nutrient-rich vortex and essentially suck the seawater out of the vortex into large tanks. ln my book Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, I proposed that circulation arises from forces intrinsic to the blood itself and that the role of the heart is to convert this movement of the blood into a vortex to imbue it with the “creative energy” that is the basis of all life. Quinton, with his technique of collecting seawater containing the mineral composition of human blood from a nutrient-rich vortex, was essentially re-creating the heart’s role in a human being.

Quinton knew that this vortexed seawater needed to be micro-filtered before use and that the purification technique had to preserve the delicate structure of the water that was created by the vortexing. He did this by developing a series of filters that eliminated everything but the water, the dissolved minerals, and the dissolved “effluent” of the phytoplankton. These two aspects — the harvesting of the seawater from deep in the ocean vortexes and the cold, microfiltration of the resulting water — distinguish Quinton plasma from all the other seawater solutions that have ever been produced or sold. Quinton was not, as some have claimed, just collecting a bunch of seawater and putting it in bottles. He was collecting and purifying what was probably the best example of properly structured water we know of.

The components of structured water in any living system are pure water (more on this in subsequent chapters), the proper mineral elements (those found in a healthy ocean), and proteins (coming from the phytoplankton in the ocean) — put through a vortex. Quinton plasma has all of these components, all meticulously and properly collected and cared for.

Quinton’s basic idea was that purified, mineralized, nutrient-rich, structured water is the basis of all biological life.

To prove this, he conducted laboratory experiments in which he drained nearly all the blood out of a sick dog. Right before the dog expired, he started a drip of Quinton plasma into the dog’s veins. The dog not only survived but was cured of many of the ailments it was suffering from. Quinton and his colleagues did this same demonstration in the center of Paris to show people of the discovery he had made. Many remarked that the dogs who had their blood replaced with Quinton plasma looked and acted years younger than before this dramatic procedure.

Today, Quinton plasma is not known as a cancer therapy per se, and I haven’t encountered any case reports or studies showing effectiveness with cancer patients solely from the use of Quinton plasma, but I firmly believe it belongs in any treatise that attempts to understand the role of structured or cytoplasmic water in health and disease, which is what I think our understanding of cancer must revolve around. Pure, mineralized, nutrient-rich, structured water is the biological basis for all life. When our internal fluids are degraded, whether by toxins, infection, even harmful emotions, disease ensues. The Quinton Foundation was established in 2010 to further the work and therapies of René Quinton and catalogs various conditions that can be treated by Quinton therapy as well as protocols for successful treatment. In the past few decades, independent studies have documented the safety and efficacy of Quinton plasma to treat conditions including influenza, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, immune dysfunction, diabetes, obesity, progression of atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, and allergic rhinitis.

While modern medical practitioners may find it hard to imagine that a single therapy could positively affect such a disparate collection of maladies, that is because they are still stuck in the individual disease model of health and disease.

My premise, like René Quinton’s, is that if we are able to create the perfect structured water in and around our cells, we will be immune to most diseases. If we are sick, we need to reestablish this more perfect cytoplasmic, cellular milieu. Quinton plasma was one of the most successful and creative attempts to accomplish just this goal.

Thanks to the Quinton Foundation, Quinton’s original “recipe” is still available, and for the last few years plasma based on this recipe has been available for use by people in the United States. I consider Quinton plasma, along with a proper diet, to be one of the foundations of my practice. My family members and I have taken a couple tablespoons of Quinton plasma nearly every day for the past number of years. I can think of no reason why every person who is concerned about either maintaining or improving their health shouldn’t take Quinton plasma every day. It has an unblemished safety record of over a hundred years, is the most effective mineral supplement on the planet, and demonstrably improves the cellular milieu for all its users. I see no reason why, with such a safe, effective, and reasoned biological approach, more studies of this marvelous medicine should not be done.

You can purchase Quinton plasma here.

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