The Lymphatic Message on Immunity, Health, and Beauty

03.02.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Detoxifying from the tolls of modern life is a beautiful way to honor our bodies. However, many forms of detox can feel extreme to our physical systems and difficult to maintain. Therefore, we were thrilled to sit down with Lisa Levitt Gainsley and learn about lymphatic drainage, a gentle but powerful self-care practice that heals the body on multiple levels.

Lymphatic drainage is a rhythmic, nurturing, light massage that follows the body’s detoxification pathways to rid the body of excess waste, bacteria and viruses that accumulate in the connective tissue — and for over 27 years, Lisa has been an expert in the modality. Through her private practice The Lymphatic Message, she holds a varied client roster that includes other reputable health and wellness pioneers, as well as celebrities and entrepreneurs. Utilizing decades of knowledge of the lymphatic system, Lisa tailors her techniques to help her clients achieve their goals, be it glowing skin, a slimmer waistline, or the deeper health benefits of lymph flow such as a strengthened immune system, less inflammation, and more vitality. Even the famously cynical Larry David calls her “completely knowledgeable  and trustworthy.”

Due to its incredible ability to detoxify and reduce swelling, lymphatic drainage was originally performed by licensed therapists and most widely known for its use as cancer and post-op treatment. However, knowing that the practice could benefit anyone and everyone, Lisa pioneered the practice of lymphatic self-massage. Her latest book, The Book of Lymph; Self-Care Practices to Enhance Immunity, Health and Beauty is published by Harper Wave and launches in May. As Lisa mentions in today’s episode, “What’s exciting is that it’s the first book of its kind on lymphatic health for the lay reader. The book details what the lymph system is, how it’s connected to every other system in your body, and its role in inflammation, the immune system, and chronic illness.” She also shares three five-minute self-massage techniques that she developed to address a number of common issues such as bloating, headaches, earaches, congestion, anxiety, weight loss, acne, inflammation, and more.

After speaking to Lisa, we were blown away by her vast knowledge of our body’s detoxification system, inspired by her passion to make the lymph message accessible to all, and really excited to get our hands on her book.

If you’re equally curious about learning more about your own lymph system, check out the episode, pre-order her book, and grab her guide to essential lymph health.

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