Antidote’s Mission to Make E-Marketing Matter

03.16.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Some creative challenges can seem impossible — like making a newsletter that people actually want to read. It may sound small in size but connecting brands and audiences in a truly meaningful (and entertaining) way is an art form.

On this week’s episode, we sat down with Sean Donovan, Founder of Antidote, an email (and sms) marketing agency by people who hate boring email. If you are running your own business or work in the marketing department of your company, you can attest to the fact that newsletter open rates are very low. Sean created his company to help brands focus on doing the things they do best — and that meant he had to double down on doing the things he did best — creating compelling email content.

Sean realized that the e-marketing landscape was changing and that people were looking to outsource this part of their business. After finding the courage to leave two business partnerships, he ventured out on his own and Antidote was born. This episode touches on the power of conscious communication, aesthetics, and honing on one aspect of your skillset and doing it really, really well.

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