We’re back with our monthly feature that gives us a peek into the lives of some of our favorite wellness-ey people. At any given point, each of us has a bunch of people, places, and practices that are circling us and influencing our lives in a variety of ways. Be inspired by all that is transpiring in our guests’ orbits.

Next up is Rachel Krupa, Founder of The Goods Mart, a socially conscious neighborhood convenience store. Here you’ll find standard store staples that are not only delicious but also better-for-you and the environment.

The Goods is a new kind of destination where neighbors get to know each other while grabbing a sustainable coffee for $1.25, a dye-free candy bar, a tasty local artisanal sandwich, chips, or the essentials — eggs, toilet paper, and milk – all the while giving back to local charities.

This is obviously a moving target — but what’s your current wellness philosophy?

Doing small, intentional things throughout the day that helps me center, focus and connect with myself.

Which foods are currently taking prime position in your kitchen pantry?

I have an obsession right now with condiments. In particular, nut butters (kween, Mumgry, Broma), Monty’s Plant-based cream cheese, Fly by Jing Chili Oil, along with hot broths.

What’s your works-every-single-time mood booster?

A big belly breath and a cup of coffee (I’m obsessed with Kaffe Beyond Organic coffee right now with a splash of Pistachio Milk).

The last thing you Googled?

“How much hair do you lose when you wash your hair…” Ha!

If you’re wondering, it’s between 50-100 strands, or more if you’re really scrubbing or wash your hair less often (which seems to be the case for me right now).

Who — or what — can you count on to make you laugh?

My friend Page – we are constantly sharing random picture/quotes/news that gives us a good chuckle.

Is there a practice, item, or piece of wisdom you’ve kept from childhood that still holds meaning for you today?

Treat others how you’d like to be treated.

When do you feel most beautiful?

Wearing a bright red lip.

Are there any healers or teachers you have on speed dial?

How many contacts can you have on speed dial? Yes, I have a handful. To name a few there’s Martha Soffer (founder of Surya Spa), Paul Kempisty (acupuncture), Michael Nourse (Vedic teacher), and Lisa Levitt Gainsley (lymphatic system).

What’s your preferred movement practice?

Every day, I do The Class by Taryn Toomey and New York Pilates.

Do you have a dream floating in your orbit that’s not yet realized?

Constantly! I’m always thinking of how I can do more, be better and help more. I believe you always have dreams floating around and that they constantly give you something to strive for and thrive.

How does THE FULLEST align with you and fit into your life?

The FULLEST encourages me to keep on learning, expanding and finding new modalities that I need to incorporate in my life. I also find it of value to digest advice from fellow founders and other inspiring individuals’ Fullest profiles!

Rachel Krupa is the founder of The Goods Mart and boutique PR firm Krupa Consulting. In both these roles she has launched brands that share a common ethos — mindful practices, well-created natural foods and products, and a mission to do better. 

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