Doing You in a Saturated Wellness World With Sky Ting

02.02.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

If you’ve dabbled in the wellness world, chance are you’ve stumbled across SKY TING yoga.

In recent years, the Western world’s adaptation of yoga has left the practice and the industry feeling slightly homogenous. However, there are a few studios that have managed to honor the ancient lineage of yoga and its principals, while simultaneously modernizing it for a new audience of devotees and wellness seekers. SKY TING is one such studio; famed for its disruptive approach to yoga and has earned cult status among both the spiritual and design-conscious.

After founding the very first SKY TING in 2015, Krissy and Chloe’s innovative business tactics have grown SKY TING from indie NYC boutique darling to worldwide phenomenon, amassing fans and followers from all corners of the globe, with instructors that have become tastemakers in themselves.

Outside its refreshingly authentic aesthetic and approach to building a yoga brand, it is also heralded for its inclusivity and highly competitive pricing.

Today, we asked both Krissy and Chloe about their business trajectory, and the values they needed to stand by in order to stand out, and the power of staying true to yourself in a saturated market.

Tune in below to listen and if you’re interested, check out a SKY TING class for yourself.

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