A New Era of Beauty with Chelsea McCarthy

02.16.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Everything about ON&ON from their philosophy to their aesthetic is truly ushering in a new era of beauty. Just take a look at their ’gram. You won’t find glossy product shots or influencer skin routine reels. Instead, you’ll see a wall of striking graphics creatively blending innovative brands, healing modalities, and community programs. It all ladders up to Founder Chelsea McCarthy’s vision to enable a cultural shift through daily practices of skin and body health.

Since 2016, Chelsea has been seeking to discover and share the most transformative treatments, products, tinctures & teas with her community. Instead of thinking of herself in the beauty business, Chelsea explains that she is in the business of helping people feel vital through sharing and celebrating the power of plant intelligence.

This week on the pod, we sat down with her and learned about her path from boutique spa to her own product line. Staying true to her vision of beauty — one that validates how we feel rather than only focusing on appearance — led her on a journey of research, experimentation and friendship. These have become core principles that have continued with her as she has evolved herself and the ON & ON brand.

As long time fans, especially of the ON & ON Frankincense Hand and Body Wash, we were thrilled to be able to peek behind the curtain and understand Chelsea’s creative process.

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