It’s here! After 12 months of hard but fulfilling work, we’ve been eager to share with you some changes and new additions to our very own THE FULLEST product range.

What’s the same but better?

Firstly, we’ve made the switch to glass, predominantly for the planet, but there’s also something a little more elegant about spooning saffron out of solid glass vessels. You’ll see, we’ve also undergone a brand refresh to make your THE FULLEST product of choice pop on your kitchen or bathroom shelf. Let us never underestimate the mood-boosting power of a great aesthetic. And we’ve extended the range from latte powders and threads to include syrups, and capsules for those that like to ingest the feel-good factor in a way that suits them best.

Warm Feelings and Strands of Sunshine

Meet the duo formerly known as our saffron latte powder and saffron threads. These products have been renamed to Warm Feelings™ and Strands of Sunshine™ to better share how they make us feel when we take them. If you know, you know.

Mindful Immunity

Mindful Immunity™ is a super protective immunity syrup featuring another Middle Eastern powerhouse ingredient called Barberries, traditionally used to help fight infections. This formula combines saffron (of course), and other immune-supporting ingredients of Elderberry, Sea Buckthorn and Manuka Honey, all alchemized in a pure base of lemon juice. The perfect syrup to help us honor the messages of the body.

Kinder Thoughts

Kinder Thoughts™ is our version of a holistic brain health supplement. Formulated with a combination of saffron and turmeric to help your thoughts become kinder, the pair has been historically used and scientifically-proven to promote happiness and acts as an anti-inflammatory for the brain. Make self-compassion a ritual with this daily capsule.

Shipping Updates

Due to some packaging delays, we are currently unable to offer Warm Feelings jars. However, it is now available for pre-order in sachet form!

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