Weed Loving Women with Miss Grass

01.18.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

Meet Kate Miller, the CEO and Cofounder of Miss Grass. On today’s episode of The Fullest podcast, we met with Kate to learn more about her background and side-hustle-turned-career as a leading lady in the world of cannabis.

Launched in January of 2018, Miss Grass has been called “the Goop of Cannabis” when it comes to good weed. What was once a platform for a misrepresented community of smokers is now a nationally-recognized online head shop and educational authority.

After being introduced to weed growing up, Kate became familiar with the benefits of cannabis and began participating as a conscious consumer rather than a stoner in college. It didn’t take long, but Kate fell in love with the plant (even deciding to become a budtender her junior year of school). A conscious mindset with an admiration for a truly powerful plant is what led Kate to think that maybe integrating cannabis into daily practice was attainable and something worth sharing with the world.

Ten years later, Kate and Cofounder, Anna Duckworth, would launch Miss Grass as a contextual commerce platform on a mission to help the world get good weed. Built on a “high road” of standards, Miss Grass is about bringing clean, trusted, and effective cannabis to the people. And the good news is, the people are most definitely on their side.

Listen in to today’s episode to learn more from Kate about what it means to be a modern-day, weed-loving woman, the efficacy of good weed, and news on the latest from Miss Grass (including mini pre-rolled joints). Check it out.

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