Dr. Jess on Reading The Root Cause

01.25.2021 The Fullest Podcasts

On today’s episode of THE FULLEST Podcast, we sat down with Dr. Jessica Peatross, M.D., better known as Dr. Jess, Internal Medicine Hospitalist turned Functional Medicine Leader.

Dr. Jess is a leading professional in Functional Medicine and a visionary for the future of healthcare. With a passion for uncovering the root cause behind chronic illness — whether that be related to stealth inflections, stress, heavy metals, or other kinds of environmental toxicities — Dr. Jess is committed to learning the “why” behind the illness.

After working as a board-certified internal medicine hospitalist for six years, Dr. Jess began to experience symptoms similar to what her own patients were expressing, i.e., anxiety, hormonal imbalances, mitochondrial dysfunction. Yet, with her proximity to modern medicine, it was then that Dr. Jess realized that in order to heal herself of her illness she would need to uncover the root cause (an approach that Western Medicine has yet to acknowledge). She left her position at the hospital and began training in Gerson Therapy, Functional Medicine, Nutrigenomics, and Ozone Therapy and quickly learned that 90% of chronic illness is a result of lifestyle, diet, and environment and that the real secret to healing begins within.

On today’s episode of THE FULLEST podcast, we had the pleasure of getting to learn more about Dr. Jess, her approach to an “alternative” form of healing, and her current thoughts on the future of healthcare.

Listen in.

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