Routines & Rituals with Taylr Anne of Etto Oil

01.22.2021 Arts & Culture
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Welcome to Routines & Rituals, our new series that sees some of the dewiest, earthiest, and loveliest ladies and gents share their — yep, you guessed it — routines & rituals. Self-care has become a giant buzzword of late but (as much as the wellness world would like us to believe), there is no one-size-fits-all approach to beauty and healing. Each month, we’ll be detailing the practices and tools of a myriad of healers, creatives, and entrepreneurs to uncover the individuality of true self-care. First up, meet Taylr Anne, the Founder and Creative Director of Etto Oil — an organic multi-purpose serum that has inspired and influenced the way she moves through her day. 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how Etto Oil came to be?

My name is Taylr and I live in Southern California in a small beach town that I love. There is such a creative community here, I always feel inspired. I live with my husband and dog and I love our little life we have created. My husband is a surfer, so I feel very lucky that when we aren’t working, we are most likely at the beach. I created Etto Oil because I wanted to create a brand that was thoughtful and a product that would be used every day. Etto Oil was created out of the desire to have a simple skincare routine, made with only the purest, organic ingredients to nurture your skin. I have found that oil makes my skin feel the most nourished so creating Etto Oil felt really authentic. Every time I put it on, I feel like it is a true act of self-care.

What is your AM/PM routine? Or do you mix it up?

My current morning routine is pretty consistent and I love to start my day with a shower; I rinse my face with my favorite cleanser by Osea (Ocean Cleansing Mudd). It is so incredibly refreshing, after using it, it feels like I just jumped in the sea. Then I use a few serums and my Etto Oil all over my body and head to the kitchen to make my morning cup of coffee. In the evenings, I try to nourish my skin depending on what I feel like I need. Sometimes that means a mask or extra serums, other times it’s a quick shower routine and getting into bed early with a book and some tea.

How have daily routines made life work better for you?

Routines keep my days on track. Without routines, I have realized I can easily find a million things to do to distract me from my daily goals.

Something I recently started doing was keeping a notebook and writing my goals and to-dos the evening before. It makes me excited to wake up in the morning and gives my days purpose and meaning.

Do you have any rituals that you practice? How and why are they sacred to you?

Rituals are everything to me. My rituals are my routines that I do with intention. Making my morning coffee is a calming ritual for me; from grinding the beans to making a pour over or latte, I appreciate using my hands first thing in the morning, instead of using that time to scroll through my phone. I also love to dry brush in the morning as it wakes my body and gets the blood flowing.

Do you think routines and rituals can be one and the same?

Absolutely. Rituals are routines that you enjoy doing. Some tasks I do every single day because they need to be completed, but my rituals are the things that make me slow down and feel like moments of self-care.

If you had to recommend some routines or rituals for glowing skin — what would they be?

Sweating! Lately, I love getting in a good sauna session. Exfoliating and dry brushing are great for circulation and can make you look and feel alive. Drinking lots of water and a healthy diet of colorful plants will make you glow from the inside out — I feel my absolute best when I am eating real food with lots of color. I have also been including acupuncture in my weekly routine and I swear by it. I really feel like it is transforming my skin!

What do you wish women knew about making a skincare routine?

It doesn’t have to be expensive! Less is more when it comes to the health of your skin. There are simple acts of self-care you can accomplish that will make you absolutely glow — like using your favorite oil and your own hands for a facial massage and lymphatic drainage. Just carve out at least five minutes in your day to take care of yourself and apply your favorite products with intention; these moments will become rituals you look forward to.

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