Say hey, hi, hello, to our monthly feature that gives us a peek into the lives of some of our favorite wellness-ey people. At any given point, each of us has a bunch of people, places, and practices that are circling us and influencing our lives in a variety of ways. Be inspired by all that is transpiring in our guests’ orbits and if you feel called, use it as a tool for reflection to discover if you’re happy with the things currently feeding your mind, body, and soul. If yes, yay! If no, you always have the freedom to course correct by letting go of anything that’s not floating your boat, and calling in more of what lights you up.

First up, we sit down with Laura Lemon, Founder of beauty retailer, Lemon Laine. You can find Lemon Laine’s carefully curated product lines on the interwebs and in her gorgeous stores in Nashville and Houston. Born from the belief that skincare and wellness go hand in hand, and that when you look good you feel good, Laura wanted to create a natural beauty space that brought fun and clarity. After checking it out ourselves, we can definitely attest that she delivered on her goal. Check out everything circling in her orbit this month!

This is obviously a moving target — but what’s your current wellness philosophy?

Allow time to check-in with yourself. The times when I’m feeling off or extra stressed are usually when I’m feeling out of touch with my intuition.

Which foods are currently taking prime position in your kitchen pantry?

Cooked, warming foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, and spinach. I’m absolutely addicted to the Simply Organic Everything Blend Bagel seasoning. It makes everything taste better without a whole lot of effort.

What’s your works-every-single-time mood booster?

Water. Soon after I had my daughter, I heard a fellow mom-friend say, “Water cures everything.” If you’re cranky, fussy, or tired — reach for a glass of water or relax in a hot bath. I don’t think wellness has to cost a ton of money or you (requires you to?) spend a whole weekend on a retreat. It’s the everyday, simple rituals.

The last thing you Googled?

Sandwiches, Nashville.

Who — or what — can you count on to make you laugh?

My best friend since 6th grade. Or stand-up comedy specials on Netflix, especially Nate Bergatze.

Is there a practice, item, or piece of wisdom you’ve kept from childhood that still holds meaning for you today?

Oh, wow, this is such a great question. My mom is an incredible host and always goes out of her way to make someone feel welcome. She’s adamant about always picking people up from the airport or dropping them off. She’s shown me how simple gestures can brighten someone’s day.

When do you feel most beautiful?

Pregnant or breastfeeding.

Are there any healers or teachers you have on speed dial?

No, I need some! I love hearing from Alisa Vitti, Aviva Romm, or Sara Gottfried. I wish I had them on speed dial!

What’s your preferred movement practice?

Walking and pilates. And dancing to Jacob Collier Youtube videos with my daughter in the living room.

Do you have a dream floating in your orbit that’s not yet realized?

Always. I’d love to have my own product line at Lemon Laine one day. I also would love to paint more. I come from a family of artists and painters and I’m really craving a creative outlet lately.

How does THE FULLEST align with you and fit into your life?

I love how THE FULLEST fuels my curiosity. If we’re not learning, then we’re not living. Am I right?

After over a decade in merchandising, marketing, and product development in the beauty industry, Laura Lemon created Lemon Laine to bring a bit of fun and clarity to the beauty shopping experience. Partnering with some of the best vendors and beauty experts in the world, Laura hand-picks each product with an emphasis on quality and natural ingredients. Laura is dedicated to the discovery process of testing and curating a simplified list of products that really work so you can fall in love with your beauty routine again. You can join Club Lemon Laine and get a bunch of personalized beauty perks or follow along on IG for their latest drops.

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