The Most Playful Way to Help Your Little Ones Set a 2021 Intention

12.29.2020 Home & Motherhood
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In the past few years, setting intentions and creating a vision for the year ahead has become a major part of mindful living. Many of us have seen the benefits of creating a visual representation of the energy we’d like to create and uphold throughout the year. Although this practice has generally been dominated by adults — it’s never too early to start.

After all, kids more than any other demographic love the two mandatories for making a vision board — crafting and dreaming.

In fact, their imaginations are so primed at this age, that their minds are more readily able to manifest their visions into reality as they’re not yet conditioned to doubt or overanalyze their environment.

Mr. Anthony and the crew from childcare and co-working space, Big and Tiny, have made intention setting for kids a fun, simple, and colorful experience that can easily be done at home. Instead of a full vision board, they’ve pared the practice down to an intention frame that can be made with a few popsicle sticks and some simple craft supplies.

Grab the littlies in your life and sit down together for a lovely morning or afternoon of visioning a love and joy-filled 2021.

What You’ll Need

  • Popsicle sticks and glue
  • Paint
  • Buttons
  • Yarn
  • A photo of your intentions and wishes

How to Create Your Frame

  1. Decorate your popsicle stick in any way you like! Be creative!
  2. Once the glitter/paint is dry, stick each popsicle stick to each other, over and under. Add jewels or any other decoration as desired.
  3. Choose an image or a photo of what you wish to demonstrate next year. We chose circle time with friends and my favorite teacher – but you can pick anything you wish for: a new puppy, more playdates or more time in nature.
  4. Finally attach ribbon or string for hanging.

Big and Tiny is on a mission to help families find a work-life balance by providing education, co-working and community through interactive spaces for the big and the tiny. You can find their growing list of studios across Los Angeles and online at

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