Finding Calm With Feals’ Drew Todd

12.14.2020 The Fullest Podcasts

On today’s episode of the podcast, we sat down with Drew Todd, the Cofounder of Feals CBD. Feals is a clean label CBD brand, creating feel-good products that are organically-sourced, lab-tested, and unmatched in their quality of pureness.

As most of us do, Drew found himself in the wellness industry by accident. Living in Los Angeles, working in the production, and later, ad tech world, Drew began to feel the overwhelming burnout of his lifestyle consume more and more of his energy. Growing up in Colorado, CBD had always been relatively familiar to Drew, but it wasn’t until 2018, when his then-colleague (and future Cofounder), Alex Iwanchuk, expressed his transformative healing from CBD use, that Drew, Alex, and partner, Eric Scheibling, began to realize that they had something groundbreaking on their hands. Together, Alex, Eric, and Drew would develop, build and launch a proof-of-concept company, that in March of 2019, would become Feals.

As Drew shared with us, CBD has come a long way since its early introduction into the wellness space. Once federally illegal, CBD has grown faster than any other category in the supplement industry, occupying a gray area of, quote-unquote, “citizen’s science,” trailed by unsupported health claims and research. Only today are brands like Feals beginning to lean into educating consumers on the scientifically-backed benefits of CBD, while at the same time leading the industry in creating clean, ethically-sourced, and well-vetted products. In time, Feals hopes to lean deeper into supporting the mental health community. Drew and his team are passionate about making people feel better, and bringing visibility, support, and of course, healing to the mental health space.

Tune in below to hear more.

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