Building a CPG Brand With Otamot

12.21.2020 The Fullest Podcasts

Andrew Suzuka is the Founder and CEO of Otamot — creating organic, plant-based tomato sauces for a more nutritious, family-friendly meal time.

It’s all too fitting that Otamot (AKA tomato spelled backward) began as a backward discovery made by Founder, Andrew Suzuka. One evening, while making a pizza for his daughter, Evelyn, Andrew added a few veggies to the pizza sauce — tomatoes, beets, and as he shared with us, “basically anything red or that would pass the 5-year-old visual test.” Well, spoiler alert, it passed (with flying colors we might add), and Evelyn loved it so much that Andrew started to think there just might be something there.

That something, of course, is now a health food wunderkind. Otamot sauces are not only vitamin-rich and packed with fiber (thanks to the 10 different veggies included!), but each sauce is organic and free of added sugar and preservatives. Founded in 2018, Otamot has grown from a single-SKU brand with a minimum of 2,500 order quantity to a plant-based pantry necessity — dishing out four different sauces (with some new releases in the works) and selling a jaw-dropping 20,000 units in eight minutes during a QVC special.

Thanks to its popularity among picky eaters, family dinners, and folks just looking to add a little more plant-based power to their diet — Otamot sauces have taken on the health world with a scrappy, family-first mentality rewarding them partnerships with major retailers like Whole Foods, Sprouts, and the QVC network. Tune into today’s episode of the pod to hear more from Andrew on his experience building a CPG brand, from neighborhood entrepreneur to Sauce Boss super Dad.

Listen in below.

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