THE FULLEST Faves III: Holiday Gift Guide

12.13.2020 Career & Finance
Nikki Bostwick
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Team THE FULLEST here, with a round up of our favorite gifts for your holiday shopping list. Find hand-picked items from our founder and editor-in-chief, Nikki Bostwick, from earth-friendly clothing to experiences like natural wine subscriptions and Ayurvedic consultations, there’s sure to be something for everyone, so take a peek, and happy gifting!

ZenBunni Biodynamic Coffee

Most coffee is filled with molds, mycotoxins, pesticides, herbicides and more. Even organic coffees are allowed to have a certain number of these chemicals to still be considered organic. If you have a coffee drinker in your life, this biodynamic blend from our favorite entrepreneurial family is a must! Purchase two bags of ZenBunni coffee and receive a free box of incense ($60 value for $30). Use code THEFULLEST at checkout.

Wol Hide

I’ve been on a wool kick lately and love this line I recently discovered. From easy wool layering pieces to full-on wool sweatsuits, there’s something 100% natural and microplastic-free here for everyone!

Rudy Jude

This is where I shop for my son’s clothes and if I’m lucky, mine! They sell out immediately because of the limited quantities they make their clothing in. Everything is dyed with plant-based materials and made with natural fibers. Love this brand and the founder so much!


Another awesome brand, similar to Rudy Jude, offers men’s clothing made with chemical-free materials and natural fibers. They recently launched their puffer coat that I just bought for my husband for Christmas! These cruelty-free coats are made with beeswax to keep moisture out (instead of PFOA like the chemical in Teflon that I mentioned in my last email), super stuffed with renewable tree fill, and naturally dyed with chaga mushrooms, wood extract, and iron oxides. I’m obsessed and slowly planting the seed for my husband to switch to only Olderbrother clothing.

Beatrice Valenzuela

Her Sandalias are my favorite shoe and come in so many colors! A great gift for sisters, wives, moms, or daughters!


There’s truly nothing like Nuci. I’ve been using their every day, plant-based balm for years and used it throughout my pregnancy to prevent stretch marks (it totally worked). I love the smell, I love the texture, and I also love their other products, especially the mist. Their products make great gifts or even stocking stuffers!

Holi(oil) from Agent Nateur

I use this every morning and evening as my face oil and my husband is even using it now! It helped clear up my skin completely and also prevents any breakouts. I never go a day without it.


If you’re gifting CBD, make sure it’s from Onda because most brands don’t pay attention to sourcing, contribute to environmental degradation, and are made in mind with profits over quality. Their CBD drops are a FULLEST fave and our entire office is on an Onda kick. A great gift for parents and grandparents to help with inflammation and any pain. For 15% off your Onda order, use code THEFULLEST at checkout.

Sweet Laurel’s Cookbooks

The only book I refer to when I bake is the Sweet Laurel Cookbook, and I’ve purchased it so many times for friends and family as a gift and it never fails. Their new savory cookbook is now available for pre-order so if you know someone that loves to bake and is interested in grain-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free baking, this is for them! Gift both books or pre-order the new one to arrive on March 9th!

Primal Wine Membership

Wine most people drink is filled with so many chemicals and pesticides, including Roundup and glyphosate. It’s destroying their gut and overall health rather than really bringing them the benefits typically associated with wine like relaxation—your body is basically in fight or flight with a conventional wine—or the anti-aging benefits of resveratrol. For the people in your life that love wine, get them a membership to Primal Wine so they can finally experience what real wine was supposed to taste like! For free shipping on your Primal Wine order, use code THEFULLEST at checkout.

Ayurvedic Consultation

I have looked to Ayurveda at different points in my life when I needed guidance on how to heal my body as a whole. I love learning about my specific dosha and really diving deep into what resonates with me, and how that ultimately fits in with the rest of my family’s needs as well! My husband, son and I follow a custom Ayurvedic protocol together and it’s a nice ritual we have as a family. I also sought out Martha Soffer to support me through my postpartum period and she really helped me see the value in placing my health first when it came to planning for our baby to arrive earthside (rather than the common approach to just focus on the nursery, etc.). Martha offers virtual consultations so anyone can access her wisdom! Consider this gift for anyone in your family suffering from a chronic illness, trying to figure out why they’re not feeling 100%, or anyone looking to implement a more holistic approach to living in tune with their body and the earth.

Be Love Farm Holiday Boxes

If you’re looking for a sweet assortment of farm goods like stone-ground, organic almond butter, cured olives, multicolored farm popcorn, chocolate-covered farm walnuts, and more, this is your gift! For just $50, you can pick four items for them to ship in a beautiful silver box.

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