Turning Projects Into Products with Doris Dev

11.30.2020 The Fullest Podcasts

On today’s episode of The Fullest Pod, we met with Lucas Lappe, Cofounder & the Head of Product at Doris Dev, to discuss the story behind their launch and his experience in product development.

Doris Dev is a full suite product development agency based in NYC & Honk Kong, consisting of an expert team of doers that launch and scale consumer products. As of today, Doris Dev has collaborated with a variety of brands (that we love), such as By Humankind, Gravity Blankets, Lalo, and more.

Since launching in 2017, Doris Dev has grown to support a full range of commercialization touch points, beginning from conception to distribution. As Lucas explains, Doris Dev works as an extension of these companies, making sure that the design and branding are not only visualized but also executed, engineered, and actually brought back from the factory stage to the consumer. As we see it, Lucas and his team make sh*t happen — turning bright ideas and projects into quality, tangible products. To learn more about Lucas’ experience, listen in below.

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