Lenéa Sims on Anti-Racist Practices

11.16.2020 The Fullest Podcasts

This week on the pod, we caught up with Lenéa Sims, Founder of Inner Play and Outer Work. Lenéa is an educator, spiritual guide, community builder, and artist that has made it her mission to help people create practices for their energetic nourishment and collective care of their communities.

On today’s episode, we sat down with Lenéa to learn more about these “digital campgrounds” designed to hygienically address inner work. In February of 2020, Inner Play began as a space to teach people more-involved practices of intentional self-care through experimental fun. Essentially, a year-round virtual summer camp for exploration, curious learning, and well, inner play. However, in May of this year, following the death of George Floyd, Lenéa decided to introduce Outer Work — an outlet for energy and efforts to care for the most marginalized human communities. In tandem, through Inner Play and Outer Work, folks can engage in the anti-racist work of showing up, educating themselves, reflecting deeply, and taking action.

When she’s not holding space and pushing people to live up to their best selves, Lenéa loves making things with her hands, cuddling with her kittens, Carrot and Potato, and getting stoned and dancing wildly in her shower.

Listen in here.

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