Breathing Easy with Komuso

11.23.2020 The Fullest Podcasts

Todd Steinberg is the President of Komuso, and the inventor behind The Shift — a tool designed to calm the mind through guided breathwork. On today’s episode of The Fullest Podcast, we met with Todd to discuss his professional background and how intuitive choices led him on his current path as an innovator and wellness advocate.

Before entering the wellness space, Todd owned and operated a student travel business that advertised exclusive experiences to college students to destinations such as Mexico, the Bahamas, and more. However, after years of stress and uncertainty, Todd describes feeling a “tap on the shoulder” that would lead him far away from his lifestyle of adventure and excitement into a practice of mindful meditation and healing.

After seeing a provider, Todd was struck by the fact that the breathing techniques he was learning in therapy were not more widely recognized or accessible, despite their simplicity. Along with his wife, Vanessa, and psychotherapist, Dr. Daniel Epstein, Todd developed a travel tool designed to guide breathing, encourage greater oxygen flow, and quiet the mind. Inspired by the shakuhachi flute of the Komuso Monks of Japan, The Shift is a wellness accessory for on-the-go calm through controlled breath.

Listen in to today’s podcast to learn more about how breathing can change your every day and Komuso’s mission to find mindful moments in a full world.

This week’s episode is sponsored by Komuso. Slow your breath to calm your mind with a simple tool. For 25% off your Komuso order, use code THEFULLEST at checkout.

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