True Land Stewardship with Evan Marks

11.02.2020 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

Today’s guest, Evan Marks, is the founder and executive director of the Ecology Center in Orange County, CA. However, not unlike most leaders, Evan’s beginnings as an innovator and agriculturalist started rather humbly.

From an early age, Evan took notice of the effects that pollution had on his environment and started small, picking up trash found in the ocean while surfing. Once in college, he enrolled in an environmental studies class, and it was during this time that he discovered a pathway that was both motivating and satisfied his need for hands-on work.

Today, Evan has spent nearly 20 years in the sustainable agricultural world and is the innovator behind The Ecology Center. As Evan describes it, The Ecology Center is “a creative space for problem-solving.” A 20-acre farm and farm stand located just south of Laguna Beach, it serves as a space where communities can collectively imagine a new future that creates meaningful relationships to the Earth and to one another. Based on ideas of regenerative agriculture and growing with deep stewardship for natural processes, the center is a living system for a healthy future.

On today’s episode of The Fullest Podcast, we sit down with Evan to discuss our current food systems, the model of The Ecology Center, and his personal journey as a leader in sustainable agriculture. Tune in below to listen.

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