The Holidays are here and our founder and editor-in-chief, Nikki Bostwick, has rounded up a list of the items and practices she’s gathered up to share with you all this month. Get her picks for the best in clean living, toys that stand the test of time, informative documentaries (best watched with leftovers), and family experiences that are rich in connection and light on the wallet.

The Devil We Know

A few years ago, I heard about the documentary The Devil We Know, which details the dangers of Teflon. However, it didn’t go to the top of my watchlist because I figured I had already changed over to non-toxic cookware—so what else was there to learn about this toxic chemical? Well, it turns out—a lot. Over 99% of the world’s population has the same chemical found in Teflon in their bloodstream. Why? Because it has been illegally dumped into our water systems. Unfortunately, the EPA has not done enough to hold companies like Dupont and 3M accountable. The worst part? It is still in existence today, hiding under another name, and making its way into our daily lives because of its use in Gore-Tex, moisture-wicking, and water-repellent fabrics that are used by some of the world’s most trusted of brands including Patagonia and Lululemon. Definitely recommend checking it out for yourself!

Foria Bath Soaks

I love taking baths, so when I found out about Foria’s new trio of CBD Bath Salts, I knew I had to try them out. Now that we are in the middle of fall, there’s nothing quite like steeping your entire body in a soothing mixture of CBD, Kava and other botanicals to help nourish the skin and release tension. Whether we’re luxuriating in the arnica and ginger-infused Relief Salts after a workout, or getting in the mood with the rose and cacao-filled Intimacy Salts, Foria’s Bath Salts are an at home spa essential and really help melt the day away. And, we happen to have a code to share with our fullest fam! Use THEFULLEST at checkout for 20% off.

Odin Parker

If you haven’t heard of them, these are the Oregon merchants of heirloom-quality wooden toys from around the world. I want everything here! If you’re looking for kid-friendly holiday gifts and decor that will stay in the fam for years to come—then this is your one-stop shop.

Holy Lamb Organics

These natural mattresses are made from premium nontoxic and environmentally-friendly wool, plus they also stock organic cotton comforters, pillows, toppers, baby goods, and sheets. If you’re looking to create the ultimate non-toxic home, Holy Lamb Organics definitely needs to be part of the mix! Side note: their mattresses are spring-free, which I recently learned helps mitigate EMF toxicity. 

Be Love Farm

My home away from home. This little farm bed and breakfast is my favorite place to go to get back to what matters most in the world—love, community, and the earth. Awaken your soul and get grounded at Be Love Farm.

Family Dinners

My husband and I take the ritual of sitting at the table with our toddler every night for our family dinner quite seriously. Sometimes our dinners include friends and family, and other times it’s just the three of us, even when we order takeout. Growing up, my relationship with food was very different and a lot of times, we ended up eating in front of the television. I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to sit together and connect with my family over a meal. Here’s my favorite go-to dinner recipe for the cooler months. 

It’s been a big year, and we hope that however you choose to spend your time to close out the year, it’s a little like this list—a mix of self-care, family time, and if the mood strikes, some fun buys.

Nikki Bostwick is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of THE FULLEST, host of THE FULLEST Podcast, and the creator of the Saffron Latte.

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